Apr 7, 2021
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Agata Muceniece: Conflicts arise between my children

The popular Russian actress and TV presenter Agata Mutseniece reported to her fans that it becomes more and more difficult for her to raise her eight-year-old son Timofey and her five-year-old daughter Mia every day.

Agata Muceniece: Conflicts arise between my children

After a divorce from artist Pavel Priluchny, she strives to surround the children with care and attention, Agatha was even able to build a trusting relationship with them.

Muceniece noted that if her children need help, they turn to her for centuries. However, in the rest of the time, the behavior of the son and daughter changed a lot and they began to scold each other in fractional terms.

The actress added that the kids all the time share something between themselves, or whine friend to friend, or compete.

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Victoria Dmitrieva, a specialist in this demand, calmed Agatha and said that this was just a similar stage. Children gradually grow up and their relationships change, she stressed. Victoria explained that in families where there are two sons, fights and quarrels happen much more often.

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