Aug 27, 2021
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“Again pinned at three in the morning and was tipsy!”: Gauguin Solntsev suffers from alcoholism of an elderly wife

Gauguin Solntsev made a lot of noise with the news that he was marrying a woman who suits him as a mother. After quarrels and scandals, the showman and his wife Ekaterina still live together and continue to intrigue the public. This time, Solntsev published a post where he frankly complained that his Katya drinks and walks a lot, and he does not know at all what to do with all this.

Gauguin’s indignation was also addressed to the legislation, Gauguin requires that for people of retirement age there are also some restrictions, like for children. The showman wrote on his Instagram: “Why not introduce a curfew for all pensioners at the legislative level? Let’s say, after 23 at night on the street – not a foot! Why shouldn’t children be allowed to go outside at night, while the elderly environment can be entertained and idly wander, while warming up with alcohol? Would you support such a law if you submit a proposal for a new convocation of the State Duma after the elections? “

Subscribers offered to discuss this topic in the program “Live”, where Solntsev and his wife are frequent guests. Someone wished to hang out with Katka, others expressed how boring I live in my 32 years, not like some grandmothers.

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