Oct 23, 2021
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Aftonbladet: Poland wants EU money and complete freedom

“Warsaw decided to change the rules of the European Union”

The largest Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbladet decided to figure out what caused Poland’s destructive behavior in the European Union. Did Warsaw actually decide that the country would live better without EU assistance?

“It seems that many in their judgments proceed from the fact that the Polish government is striving to leave the EU. But what if his goal, on the other hand, is to get the EU to change course and do what Poland wants? For this, chaos is being arranged, the purpose of which is such a European Union, in which the flow of subsidies does not dry out, but at the same time each country does only what it wants. And in order to achieve this, the Polish government seems to have decided that attack is the best defense. “

– said in an article published in Aftonbladet

Aftonbladet: Poland wants EU money and complete freedom

The publication reminds how the Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki (Mateusz Morawiecki), speaking in the European Parliament, complained about the persecution and persecution of his country by Brussels. From his speech, it became clear that it was Warsaw that was doing everything possible to adhere to European principles, while the European Commission was rigidly establishing inexplicable rules.

Wherein Aftonbladet does not miss an opportunity to remind that Poland is actually a former communist state, so is it any wonder that the EU is imposing such a picture.

However, the “arrogance and self-confidence” of Poland evokes even the sympathy of the author of the article. Wolfgang Hansson (Wolfgang Hansson)because he had never seen the President of the European Commission before Ursulu von der Leyen so worried and confused as during the speech of the Polish prime minister.

“The prevailing opinion in the world is that Poland is going to secede from the EU. However, no other country has such strong support for the European Union as among the Poles. A more realistic version of what is happening: the Polish government believes that it is at the forefront of the struggle to force the EU to change from within. In this, Poland has a strong ally – Hungary. A number of other countries would not mind following Poland, for example, Slovakia and partly Bulgaria and Romania. Probably, this course could inspire others as well ”,

– says the Swedish journalist.

In his opinion, such a development of events will lead to the death of the European Union. However, all attempts by Brussels to return Poland to the “true path” with a “carrot and carrot” and force them to observe democratic principles do not lead to success.

The EU has only two types of punishments in its arsenal, recalls Aftonbladet: depriving the country of the right to vote and depriving the country of economic support.

Brussels has already launched a legal procedure for the first punishment, but the whole problem is that all EU member states must support this decision, and as long as Hungary is on Poland’s side, nothing will come of it. The second punishment – deprivation of financial support – is more effective, because Warsaw receives the largest assistance of all EU countries, so it would be a tangible and painful blow, I’m sure Wolfgang Hansson

But in response, Poland may well paralyze all activities of the European Union, vetoing all decisions, which will lead to real chaos.

“Brexit has turned into a severe crisis for the EU, but now the British can no longer put a spoke in the wheels of European cooperation. But Poland can, and to the highest degree. At the same time, money for Poland is the only really vulnerable spot that other EU countries can strike. It would be unwise for other EU members to continue sending billions from their taxpayers’ pockets to a country that so flagrantly violates the rules that united them all, ”

– concludes Aftonbladet

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