Sep 22, 2021
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After the wedding, Morgenstern and his wife took off their wedding rings

Alisher spent on the symbol of marriage an amount equal to the price of an apartment in Moscow.

Alisher Morgenstern with his wife Dilara Zinatullina Photo: Instagram @morgen_shtern

The wedding of Morgenstern and Dilara is called the loudest event of this summer. Only few believe in love between newlyweds. Fans received confirmation of their conjectures – the couple took off their wedding rings immediately after the wedding.

From the photo of Dilara and Morgenstern, it is noticeable – the lovers do not advertise the marriage, there is no ring on the finger. After the wedding, they went on a trip to Milan. Alisher found a homeless woman on the street and took pictures with her. The showman found it amusing that the lady looks like the missing musician Charlotte.

Morgenstern and Dilara took off their wedding rings after the wedding Photo collage: Instagram @morgen_shtern

Alisher, as a superstar, can give up the ring for the sake of new acquaintances. The fans don’t understand what Dilara is guided by. But there is another version.

Viewers have a suspicion that Morgenstern and Dilara’s wedding rings were leased. Rapper Timati and Katya Safarova had a similar story. The elegant ring that he gave to the girl abruptly disappeared from her everyday life. It is possible that Morgenstern and Dilara used a similar service.

Dilara and Morgenstern’s wedding rings Photo collage: Telegram channel “Dirty VPSh”

Morgenstern and Dilara have been dating since 2017. At the peak of popularity, Alisher openly stated that he wanted to take a walk, and the young people parted. But after a few months, he realized that no one could replace Dilara for him. Judging by the photo, now everything is fine in their pair. The performer claims that he never loved anyone like that.

The audience is interested in the question: “How much are the Morgenstern rings?” The showman made the symbol of love by special order – the rings are made in the form of handcuffs with a latch. They are decorated with 1,200 diamonds, the price of one is 9 million rubles.

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