Oct 19, 2021
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After the hospitalization of President Zeman, a case was opened in the Czech Republic

The Czech police do not exclude manipulations by the presidential administration with information about the state of health of the head of state Milos Zeman, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the security forces.

It is clarified that the police will begin an investigation for possible illegal actions, which can be seen as signs of criminal offenses against the republic.

Zeman, who was taken to the Central Military Hospital in Prague on October 10, remains in the anesthesia and intensive care unit. According to local media reports, patients are placed there whose lives are in danger or they are threatened with refusal of internal organs, but the press service of the hospital said that the state of the head of state is now stable.

Senate President Milos Vystrchil said that the long-term forecast of the dynamics of Zeman’s state does not imply his further professional activities.

Earlier, the head of the constitutional commission, Zdenek Graba, announced a meeting, during which the senators will consider the removal of the Czech president from his duties if he is unable to fulfill them due to illness.

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