Dec 27, 2020
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After the end of the 10th season of the Ice Age show, Regina Todorenko announced that she would continue to practice figure skating

11:45, 27.12.

The TV presenter admitted that she was delighted with the performance of new elements on the ice.

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The final episode of the tenth season of the Ice Age show aired yesterday. From the very beginning of the program, the main favorite was the couple of Olga Kuzmina and Alexander Enbert – they were the winners of the project. The second place went to Vyacheslav Chepurchenko and Yana Khokhlova. The third place was taken by Roman Kostomarov and Regina Todorenko. The host of the show “Heads and Tails” after the end of the “Ice Age” is not going to quit training – she intends to continue to engage in figure skating.

“Congratulations to our gang on the victory of @romankostomarovkrs – our bronze place! Will I continue to study? Of course yes! Roman Sergeevich, I am extending “, – wrote Regina in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.). Also on social networks, Regina Todorenko explained that she cried more than once after performances because of an overabundance of emotions. The star thanked her partner Roman Kostomarov and the entire team that helped them put the numbers.

Roman Kostomarov and Regina Todorenko

“I was so happy to perform new elements that every time at the end of the number I sobbed because it was over (. But how wonderful it was! Especially the realization that my body was so capable and flexible, even though that the brain often resisted and fought with fears. Thank you, @romankostomarovkrs, my friend, for the invaluable experience! How much fun we had, even though you and I love to suffer, “Todorenko added on the social network.

We add that during her participation in the Ice Age show Regina Todorenko was injured more than once. The TV presenter hurt her head, displaced three vertebrae and injured her ribs. Regina said that she went to the doctor several times to have an X-ray done, as she felt severe chest pain. However, doctors reassured Todorenko, noting that she had no fracture.

Elena Ilinykh and Vlad Topalov

Recall that in the tenth season of the Ice Age show, the husband of Regina Todorenko also participated. As a partner, Vlad Topalov got Elena Ilinykh, multiple prize-winner of the European and Russian championships and winner of gold and bronze awards for her performances at the Sochi Olympics. Shortly before the final, the jury members excluded Topalov and Ilinykh from the show. The TV presenter took her husband’s departure from the program very hard.

Regina Todorenko burst into tears after the broadcast and noted that she was very worried about her husband. “I was sure that the #TopalovIlyins pair would make it to the @blackswanei final. But, as he says, my Vladislav Mikhailovich “there is no need to make a drama.” And now all the skating rinks of the city are ours, so we will reach the championship, darling! I live every number of yours, I worry before each rental, and then I watch hundreds of times and am proud of you! ” – wrote Regina Todorenko in her microblog on Instagram.

Vlad Topalov in an exclusive video interview for “Around TV”

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