Sep 13, 2020
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After the divorce, Timati left Reshetova’s son, an apartment and a business

The former lover of rap artist Timati, Anastasia Reshetova, was left with full support. According to her close circle, the musician's friend got a business, an apartment in a high-rise on Shabolovskaya and financial assistance from Timati.

The fact is that a year ago, 24-year-old Anastasia Reshetova gave birth to a boy from Timati. In October, Ratmir will be one year old. However, the couple, who did not even have an official registration, decided to break up. Despite this, the artist and businessman decided to fully provide for the mother and his child.

He left Reshetova a three-story townhouse located at the top of a skyscraper on Shabolovskaya.

“Nastya did not receive an apartment as a gift - this is the property of Timati's son. But mom is with him all the time! Excellent rest, comfort and a comfortable existence are now guaranteed. Nastya is now a millionaire, ” quotes people from Reshetova's entourage.

Familiar girls also note that she still has her own business projects. In particular, ex-lover Timati has a beauty salon in the center of Moscow, a clothing brand and an online store. She also often charges money for ad integrations on her Instagram account. Previously, she admitted that she could earn more than 3 million rubles per day.

Recall that on September 11, Instagram model and businesswoman Anastasia Reshetova and rapper Timati broke off relations and no longer live together. Reshetova announced the separation in her Instagram account. She also asked the subscribers not to write about the "boomerang", hinting that their parting and Timati's break with the previous passion Alena Shishkova had nothing to do.

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