Sep 9, 2022
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After taking a paternity test, a young mother realized that her twins had different dads

twins have different fathersA resident of Goias (Brazil), who did not want to give her name, gave birth to twins and decided to take a paternity test to prove to the dad of the kids that these were his children.

twins have different fathers

That’s just the result led the 19-year-old mother into bewilderment. The suspected man turned out to be the father of only one of the twins. The woman recalled that on the expected day of conception she entered into an intimate relationship with another man and collected DNA material from the second partner for another test. Oddly enough, but it was the second gentleman who turned out to be the father of the second child. Now one of the dads is supporting the lady.

twins have different fathers

Dr. Tulio Jorge Franco, who observed the strange pregnancy, said that such cases are called superfecundation and are extremely rare. The doctor added that he would never have thought that he would encounter something like this in his practice.

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