Feb 18, 2021
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After stealing a ring from one woman, a man proposed to another

stolen ring offerA resident of Orange City (Florida, USA) was very upset when she realized that her lover was dating another woman.

stolen ring offer

But the unfortunate woman was not just broken her heart, she was also robbed. After tracking down her rival and looking at her page on social networks, the lady saw that the lover had been made an offer, and the ring suspiciously resembles her own, left over from a previous marriage.

stolen ring offer

After checking the jewelry box, the victim of the crime was convinced that her beloved had robbed her – not only the wedding ring was missing, but also other jewelry (in particular, the family ring received from her grandmother) totaling about $ 6,500.

stolen ring offer

The lady contacted the happy bride, and she not only returned the ring, but also teamed up with her first lover – the women went to the police. Now 48-year-old Joseph Davis is on the wanted list, and the police are sure that his capture is a matter of time, and a short one.

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