Nov 2, 2022
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After receiving an apology, the owner of the stolen laptop imbued with sympathy for the thief

thief stole laptop and apologizedA social media user known as Zweli_Thixo told a story that evokes mixed feelings.

thief stole laptop and apologized

And the man himself does not know how to react to the situation, which initially looked absolutely negative – Zweli_Thixo’s laptop was stolen. However, soon the owner of the stolen item received an email from the thief. The stranger apologized for his act and justified himself by saying that he was barely making ends meet. After rummaging through someone else’s laptop, the criminal realized that Zweli_Thixo was doing some research work. Realizing how sad the loss of a project that was almost completed, the thief offered our hero to send him all the necessary files.

thief stole laptop and apologized

The robbed man said that he even felt some sympathy for the thief. Zweli_Thixo added that he would offer this man a job if he had the opportunity. Then the conscientious stranger would not have to continue the unappreciated criminal path.

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