Jan 10, 2022
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After reading the correspondence of the woman sitting in front, the air passenger found out that that covid

covid at a passenger of an airplaneThe woman on the plane showed curiosity about the correspondence of the lady who was sitting in front, and was horrified.

covid at a passenger of an airplane

Answering the message of the interlocutor named James, the stranger typed in the phone the frightening phrase “We have a covid … shhh”.

covid at a passenger of an airplane

Now the curious heroine is outraged on social networks about people who know about the disease, but do not refuse to fly by plane, putting the health of other travelers at risk.

covid at a passenger of an airplane

Of course, a stranger with a covid does not cause sympathy, but many users also accused our heroine of inappropriate interference with privacy. Well, no one argues that reading other people’s messages is not very nice.

A passenger wearing red panties instead of a mask was dropped from the plane

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