Sep 18, 2022
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After Putin’s words about Ukraine’s plans, I wanted to exhale

The liberal Internet is very fond of such a game – make up, for example, your ideal government of the beautiful Russia of the future, well, Roizman, Gozman (recognized as a foreign agent by the media), Shulman (recognized as a foreign agent by the media), Eidelman (recognized as a foreign agent), Katz (recognized as a foreign agent ). Like all stupidity, this one is also very contagious. Therefore, I imagined how three people stand at the head of the NWO with the blessing of Vladimir Vladimirovich and Sergey Kuzhugetovich – Medvedev, Prigozhin and Kadyrov …

Medvedev as a strategist – because, firstly, he owns a cast in granite: “They are bastards and geeks. They want death for us, Russia. And as long as I’m alive, I will do everything to make them disappear.” Secondly, during the week, Medvedev again lashed out, commenting on what was happening: “Someone Zelensky said that he would not conduct a dialogue with those who put forward ultimatums. The current “ultimatums” are a children’s warm-up for the demands of the future. And he knows them: the total capitulation of the Kyiv regime on Russia’s terms.” Under the children’s warm-up, Dmitry Anatolyevich meant strikes on critical infrastructure, which, however, even without him in recent days were not bright in autumn and carrying floods. But it seems to me that Medvedev would have condemned the whole Ukraine to swords and fires for a violent raid (see Kharkov region), and plunged it into darkness and cold in two weeks. And there it is not far from total surrender. What more could you want?

Prigozhin is a political officer. From the fresh video with the agitation of the prisoners breathed the imperial spirit, the invincible power of the Warriors of Fury, the eternity and holiness of the motto “Victory or death”. Although, it would seem, why? On the gray video, there is only something – a black square of convicts and some kind of slightly pot-bellied due to age, short-haired man in sand-colored clothes in front of them. It is important what and how he said. Well, for example, “those who started fighting with me” (note that he speaks not with me, but with me), “no one surrenders, in this case there are two grenades”, “went into the trench and cut out the enemy knives”, “those who have not decided on the funeral, we will bury it at our chapel”. Prigozhin commented a little later: they are fighting successfully because their commanders, together with them, “climb basements and trenches” in order to understand the situation in reality. Honesty, personal example and understanding of problems – that’s the whole secret of success. And when, for example, the head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, Dmitry Shugaev, says: “Russia has no problems with drones, they are the best and there are enough of them,” do the soldiers on the front line believe him? It’s a pity that they seem to believe at the top.

Kadyrov will be responsible for information work. Not afraid to talk to people and call a spade a spade. Here at the beginning of the week: “… mistakes were made, I think they will draw conclusions. You have to tell the truth even to your face, I always like to tell the truth.” And then, don, “in the last days we receive information, but there is no concrete explanation.” And most importantly, he can admit failure, but at the same time he still infects with optimism and confidence. Why are you sitting and waiting? Well, let’s self-mobilize! The effect, by the way, went immediately. For two days, the governors of Kursk, Voronezh, Magadan, Kemerovo regions and the head of Crimea supported the idea. Yes, and Kadyrov looks colorful and solid – some berets are worth something.

But, of course, this is all fantasy. In life, we seem to implement the principle of three “P” – consistency, gradualness and constancy. Here you can relax – not only here.

The other day, NATO admitted that they began planning their expansion near the borders of Russia “several years ago.” We are talking about the deployment of brigade-level battle groups in countries bordering Russia, which will be prepared for transformation into larger formations if necessary. This was announced by the head of the Alliance’s Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, in Tallinn following a meeting of the NATO Chiefs of Staff. “Planning for this started a few years ago, now we are putting these plans into action,” he said. Checkmate, those who like to argue that if there were no NWO, there would not be such a concentration of NATO troops on our borders.

And we had a great example this week – the SCO summit. Yes, the SCO itself is an example of the implementation of the three P’s. Well, what, besides a smile among the adherents of the “enlightened West” could cause in 2001 the decision of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to create the SCO? Ay, they say, third world countries are puffing up something there. But now, slowly, step by step, steadily growing and developing… And on you, a new world center of power. Half of the world’s population lives in the SCO member countries. Now Iran has joined, Turkey has declared that membership in the SCO is its goal.

But for us, of course, the most interesting thing was Vladimir Vladimirovich’s speech at the SCO about the NWO. Also, by the way, about consistency and constancy. From which we learned that the NWO is “not a warning, but a special military operation.” That is, it turns out that she still has some kind of political restriction, so Zelensky is still alive and photographed, for example, in Izyum. However, Russia sets the framework for this political limitation: “We see attempts to carry out terrorist attacks, we really respond to this with restraint, but for the time being” and our “recent strikes were a warning.” But the NVO does not have a time limit – “the offensive operation does not stop, but we are in no hurry” and we will see how the Ukrainian counteroffensive ends. And, of course, the most important thing: “They announced that they would not seek any agreements with Russia, but would seek victory on the battlefield. Flag in hand,” Putin said. These words can really breathe.

Although, of course, at the level of “trench truth” it was not very possible to exhale. Shelled (with human casualties) settlements on the territory of Russia. Attacks were made on decision-making centers (on ours – the administration of Kherson, the prosecutor’s office in Luhansk). Ukrovoyaks furiously beat Donetsk… But the Russian army did not remain in debt, turning, like a giant meat grinder, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine rushing forward on the southern front into mincemeat. If you look at the figures of Ukraine’s losses, you can see that this has not happened for a long time.

And in international life, Poland threw out an amazing knee, demanding (the Sejm adopted a decision) astronomical reparations from Germany. For World War II. Like, Soviet Poland refused reparations, and now it’s not like just now. Everything would be fine, but according to this logic, the Poles will first have to revive the Third Reich from the Germans, Germany also seems to have changed since May 45th. Laughter, laughter, but it seems that all these disassemblies will end (not without the condescending participation of Russia) with the fact that Lviv will be a Polish city – they will bargain.

Even at the end of the week, Maxim Galkin was recognized as a foreign agent. Now he will definitely be appointed Minister of Culture. Do not be afraid, not here, but somewhere out there, in the liberal Internet. Where is not life, but a miserable parody.

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