Jan 9, 2022
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After making a test for genital infections, the employee accidentally sent the results to the boss

test for genital infectionsThe incident with Katie Flyte, many people considered somewhat comical, although the woman at the first moment was not laughing.

test for genital infections

Our heroine had to take a COVID-19 test and send the results to her boss. But the woman also did a test for the presence of genital infections. An embarrassing confusion ensued that it was the results of the second study that went to the boss. Realizing what she had done, Katie was quite embarrassed.

test for genital infections

It is not known how the boss reacted to this trick of the employee, but the woman can take comfort in at least the fact that the results sent were negative. However, many advise our heroine not to be upset too much – after all, anything happens in life.

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