Nov 19, 2022
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After learning how much her friend’s hair styling would cost, the bride demanded that her friend cut her hair.

bridesmaid long hairWhen planning a wedding, brides and grooms quickly become convinced that such an event can cost a pretty penny. Of course, everyone wants to save money.

bridesmaid long hair

So this lady, who is about to get married, was horrified when she found out that styling the hair of one of her friends would cost twice as much as it should. Since the bride wants all the bridesmaids to show off at the wedding with the same hairstyles, she hired a stylist and took care of these expenses. But there is a problem – a friend named Edie has thick hair that almost reaches her knees, so the stylist immediately stated that the price for working with such luxurious hair would be much higher. The bride found a way out and demanded that Edie cut her hair, but she accused our heroine of insensitivity. Edie suggested an alternative option and said that she would do the styling herself, but this option did not suit the heroine of this story, because then the girlfriends would not have perfectly identical hairstyles.

bridesmaid long hair

Discussing the quarrel that happened between the women, social media users mostly sided with Edie. She doesn’t have to cut her hair she’s grown for years for her friend’s big day. However, everyone was pleased to know that the bride and her friend had reconciled. The main character realized the exorbitance of her demands and sincerely confessed to Edie. Now the ladies are looking for a hairstyle option that a girlfriend can do on her own and which will not stand out so much from the overall look.

Girlfriend angered the bride by cutting her hair on the eve of the wedding

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