Jan 7, 2021
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After getting drunk, the woman ordered a cardboard prime minister

cardboard prime ministerGemma Harvey still laughs heartily, talking about the strange incident that happened to her.

cardboard prime minister

Waking up in the morning, a resident of Essex (England) found a box from the delivery service on the doorstep, while our heroine had no idea what was in it, since it seemed she had not ordered anything. When the 30-year-old mother of the family opened the container, she could not resist laughing – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson looked at her. But, of course, not himself, but his life-size cardboard figure.

cardboard prime minister

It was then that Gemma recalled that the day before, having drunk too much, she had actually bought a figure depicting politics through the Internet. Well, she was not disappointed, and the prime minister took a worthy place in her house.

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