Apr 17, 2021
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After getting a tattoo, my mother found out that the author of the sketch was not her son at all.

son tattooMany people do tattoos for a reason, but choose drawings or inscriptions that matter to them.

son tattoo

So this mother of the family got a drawing on her hand, which she liked especially because her 8-year-old son became the author of the sketch. But, sadly, the woman had to be disappointed. The boy admitted that it was not he who depicted the “pirate bay” with a stone in the form of a skull and a stylized palm tree. The artist was a friend of his son.

son tattoo

Of course, the woman’s story both made people laugh and aroused sympathy. She is advised not to get upset, because the tattoo is quite original, even if it turned out to be not as symbolic as she would like. And some parents shared a similar case – they had a picture on the wall in a frame, which, as it turned out, was also drawn not by their favorite child, but by the child’s classmate.

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