Nov 11, 2022
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After dropping the phone in the pool, the man put on a comical diving show

diving into the pool for the phoneThis resident of Campo Grande (Brazil) should be more careful and hold his mobile phone in his hands.

diving into the pool for the phone

However, the unforeseen happened – the confused man walked along the edge of the pool and dropped the apparatus into the water. Naturally, the poor fellow rushed to catch the sunken property and as a result showed the audience a comical diving show. The fate of the phone and its ability to work again remained a mystery, but at least everyone had fun.

diving into the pool for the phone

The audience, too, could not help but giggle at the funny nuisance. And some were especially touched by the spontaneity of another heroine of the shots – a dog that did not understand the situation and thought that the owner suddenly intended to swim. And if so, then it was necessary to keep him company.

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