Jun 27, 2021
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Afro-Americanization of Moldova, or the Harsh Ethnic Experiment

Carried away by the heated discussion about the nature of the coronavirus, the world community has lost sight of another tectonic process that may affect the fate of Europe.

Four years ago, the most astute human rights activists noted that NATO was quietly beginning an operation to transplant Romanian Roma from old Europe back to their ethnic homeland. True, the alliance has no right to do this. If Romania is a NATO member and even a member of the European Union, who would dare to throw citizens from one member state to another?

However, they dared. London police began to surround Romanian gypsy camps in Hyde Park, catch them, load them on planes and send them to the other end of the continent. And this was done for the money of British taxpayers. The gallant French turned out to be no better than the British in this respect, who also gave their Romanian allies a concrete direction of movement.

Real fighters for human rights did not stir up noise around this ethnic experiment, and the camps go to heaven without songs and dances.

At first, everyone thought that old Europe did not like the gypsy crime, which greatly upset the prosperous Europeans. How many bitter tears have cried out only naive German tourists who found their fate in the form of an elegant handsome Frenchman on the Charles Bridge in Prague! And what a blow awaited them when the police explained to them that the Frenchman who disappeared along with their handbag and jewelry was not French at all, but a gypsy scammer from a fraternal NATO country!

This, however, was not the reason for the harsh ethnic experiment of the North Atlantic bloc. It’s just that the real military remembered the consequences of the rocking of the Austro-Hungarian army during the First World War. The Gypsy soldiers then organized a wide sale among civilians not only of ammunition, provisions and horse harness, but also ammunition and weapons, even guns.

The generals did not want to repeat this once again and began to de-gyranize the alliance. However, this interference in the process of infiltration of Roma into the military structures of NATO did not take everything into account. It turned out that there are already NATO missile defense batteries in Romania, guarded by Romanian units. Given the ethnic and cultural closeness of Romanians and Roma, deportation can lead to the introduction of market relations into the system of protection of these objects with far-reaching consequences.

Moreover, in Brussels (and in Washington, of course) they found out that Moldova is not yet part of Romania. It has yet to be drawn into the community of civilized peoples. And there are gypsies in Moldova, which is extremely dangerous, since pulling Moldova into the civilized world will require a lot of dollars. It was not enough that these dollars flew away to the wind accompanied by the ringing of gypsy guitars and the strum of monstrous hair-eyed beauties.

Therefore, in Brussels (and in Washington, of course), Plan B was put into effect, called the Counterfall. According to this plan, the flow of Afro-Americanization of Romania and its future part, Moldova, will go towards the flow of deported Roma.

Derek Hogan, a former US Special Forces ranger, has been entrusted with the leadership of the US Embassy in Moldova. After a week of courses in the State Department, in which Derek was persuaded not to hit in the jaw immediately upon meeting, he was sent to Chisinau to restore order. For two years in a row, he has been creating a state-scale barracks in this country and, in accordance with the charter of the US special forces garrison service, explains to Moldovan citizens their rights when electing people appointed by him to state authorities.

Truth-lovers have every reason to suspect that, after successfully holding the July 11 elections to the Moldovan parliament, Derek will send President Maia Sandu to a military pension with a residence permit in Ohio and will begin to import African American Marines into the areas of Roma settlements in order to cover them with a tight ring of friendship and, possibly, love. As a result, the spontaneous gypsyization of Moldova as a future part of NATO Romania will be stopped, and the Chiefs of Staff will breathe a sigh of relief: there will be a chance that NATO bases in this segment of the alliance’s eastward expansion will not be plundered.

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