Sep 6, 2021
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Afghanistan: the collapse of US imperial ambitions

Afghanistan: the collapse of US imperial ambitions

The flight of the Americans from Afghanistan is, in fact, an admission of defeat in the war on terror.

But this is how our Western “partners” are arranged that they are trying to benefit from the most devastating fiascoes. Experts are sure that the Yankees left behind a huge amount of the most modern weapons in this country – for $ 85 billion for a reason. They clearly count on the fact that it will be used against Afghanistan’s neighbors – Iran, Pakistan, the Central Asian states, that is, in fact, against Russia. It turns out that the United States is deliberately using the money of American taxpayers to arm the most brutal and radical terrorists of our planet.


US Central Command spokesman, Special Agent Colin Sullivan was horrified by what he saw in a huge hangar at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.

He called the conditions in which the people removed from Afghanistan found themselves a hell on earth. They hoped to escape the Taliban, but ended up trapped in a gas chamber, where the concrete floor is covered with the feces of thousands of people, debris and dirt.

The US government was not ready to receive such a number of refugees; it generally gave little thought to how it would save the Afghans who collaborated with the Americans. After fleeing from Kabul, they ended up at a base in the center of the hot Qatari desert, which is actually killing a person. In summer, the temperature here rolls over 50 degrees. The Americans did not even have time to equip the hangar with air conditioning.

There was only one toilet and one bathroom, which, due to the extreme overcrowding, became the focus of the spread of the coronavirus. But there was no medical assistance, the premises were filled with crying of women and children. It got to the point that people who escaped from Kabul began to beg the Americans to return them back.

The U.S. Embassy in Doha has recalled its staff from the hangar to prevent the military from contracting the coronavirus. Only a week later, the Pentagon showed mercy and installed one hundred additional toilets, provided people with food and water, and adjusted air conditioning. By that time, there were already seven thousand people in the hangar.

The Pentagon is being sharply criticized not only for its criminal attitude towards refugees and those who tried to get out of Afghanistan. The US Department of Defense is suspected of a double game. The Drive expert portal notes that it is still not clear why the generals pretended not to notice the surrender of the Afghan army and the rapid advance of the Taliban to Kabul, although they had completely accurate intelligence about what was happening in the country.

The US military is, in fact, accused of implementing a secret plan to quickly surrender Afghanistan to the Taliban without fighting, in order to do without protracted battles and the use of American aircraft. Moreover, before the fall of Kabul and the evacuation, the Pentagon stopped aerial reconnaissance in Afghanistan and did not allow tracing the entrance of large Taliban forces into the city.


Western intelligence services believe that the bloody terrorist attack at the airport in Kabul was carried out by the Afghan branch of the banned Islamic State in Russia with the support of the Haqqani Network, the world’s largest opium drug cartel.

Khalil Haqqani has appointed himself head of security at the airport in Kabul. It is believed that the people of Haqqani, who carefully searched those who were heading to the airport, missed the terrorist with the bomb and took him to the checkpoint where the US Marines were working.

Although this terrorist group became part of the Taliban banned in Russia, it has great autonomy. It is believed that the Haqqani family has long collaborated with the Islamic State (prohibited in the Russian Federation). Helps him to attack schools, hospitals, maternity hospitals, to kill the most defenseless.

The $ 5 million bounty promised by the US government for Khalil’s head remains in force. But now he and his bloodthirsty relatives have taken high positions in the new government of Afghanistan.

Khalil is the eldest son of the founder of the Jalaluddin group, he was appointed one of the deputy heads of the Taliban banned in Russia. This structure, in fact, a terrorist organization, was created under the control of the CIA in the late 70s for the war with the Soviet army. It is believed that it was Khalil Haqqani who helped bin Laden escape from the Tora Bora cave complex.

As elsewhere, in Afghanistan, IS (prohibited in the Russian Federation) demonstrates extreme cruelty. Eerie footage of Taliban executions is being posted on the Internet in all possible ways. Thus, in one of the districts, terrorists came to a meeting of elders and shot them in front of their relatives. In another video, explosives are detonated, on which ten “impure nationalists” are forced to lie – as IS calls the Taliban for their unwillingness to leave the country. The first wave of this attack was repelled by the Taliban with the strong support of the American army. But now it will not be, and the fate of the country looks a foregone conclusion. Terrorists, whose ranks have swelled with thousands of militants released from prison, are gathering their supporters to overthrow the “liberal Taliban”.

The Taliban army consists of 30-40 thousand fighters. They cannot even hold Kabul. Der Spiegel writes that the victors in the 20-year war were victims of their own success. To save the country, they are in dire need of international assistance.

After the “Islamic State” (prohibited in the Russian Federation) unleashed terror in Kabul, it became clear that Russia, his main enemy, could not stand aside. The Russian embassy in Kabul is under great threat. Now the Afghan IS group has about three thousand fighters, and its number is growing. Replenishment arrives here from neighboring countries and the Middle East.

In 2015, the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban, as well as the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, created the Islamic State of Khorasan Province. It received financial assistance in the amount of $ 100 million from like-minded people in Syria and Iraq. Its first emir was Pakistani Taliban commander Hafiz Khan. In a short time, terrorists took control of several areas in the north and north-east of Afghanistan, and also attacked several cities in Pakistan. Their goal is to extend the Caliphate to Central and South Asia.

Americans seem to have lost interest in what is happening in the distant “wild land.” The Pentagon said that without the presence of its soldiers on the ground, without a network for gathering information and special forces of the CIA, it will no longer be able to effectively fight Afghan terrorists. Biden will have to decide if he is ready to start another war. But for Russia this is a matter of the first state importance, which will have to be resolved in the near future. It is quite possible that Russian Aerospace Forces will appear over Afghanistan.


Only on the fight against drugs, which is led by the UK, 56.6 billion pounds were spent. As a result, nine tons of opium were found in the office of the governor of one of the drug provinces. He was fired and fled to the Taliban with three thousand of his fighters.

The trillion dollars in US aid has been largely spent on building palaces in Dubai. The Kabul bank created a network of shell companies through which American capital was laundered. According to the most conservative estimates, half of the money transferred to Afghanistan was plundered. For example, almost 15 billion dollars were stolen from the colossal sums received for the reconstruction of the country.

Once at the Kabul airport, a courier was detained on his way to Dubai with a suitcase full of gold bars. And one of the vice-presidents of Afghanistan delivered about $ 40 million in cash in his luggage to Dubai. American diplomats reported to the State Department that about 200 million dollars are being exported from Afghanistan weekly in cash and in the form of gold.

But in the United States, they calmly perceived the rampant theft in Afghanistan, which was what everyone did – from school teachers to the president. The West did not even notice the blatant facts of sexual slavery – the Afghan security forces almost openly trafficked in boys. Children were supplied to the service of high-ranking officials. Washington paid ten times its real price for the power plant that was built. But she still could not work, as the fuel intended for her was plundered. And the Americans paid 140 times more for the construction of a natural gas filling station than for a similar facility in Pakistan. Washington easily allocated money for non-existent military units and bases, schools and police stations. So, in Helmand, the work of 13 thousand bogus security officers was paid.

Even various charitable organizations began to plunder money; in Kabul, their offices were on every corner. But the main beneficiaries, of course, were American companies, which got rich on government contracts for the delivery of various weapons to Afghanistan. True, then all these modern weapons just rusted in warehouses. Everybody made money, including American officials who had sucked into the Afghan trough.

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