Sep 14, 2021
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Afghanistan in Ukraine

Scandals are the life of Ukraine today. So another scandal has arrived. Ukrainian media published a letter from the Minister of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky to Prime Minister Denis Shmygal. It says that more than 5 thousand Afghan refugees may arrive in Ukraine.

The Americans asked, you know.

300 people can be accommodated in tents on the territories of three temporary accommodation centers for foreigners and stateless persons. For their maintenance within a month, additional funding is required in the amount of UAH 900 thousand, of which for food – UAH 400 thousand, utilities – another UAH 150 thousand, medicines and material and household support – another UAH 350 thousand. …

It is also possible to accommodate 3 thousand refugees in the Buchansky colony and the Irpen correctional center near Kiev. These institutions are designed for 1.5 thousand people with a calculation of 4 square meters. m per person. The cost of the overhaul of the colony and the correctional center is UAH 100 million. The maintenance of refugees requires UAH 264 million. in year. Personnel need UAH 280 million for salaries, UAH 90 million for food, and UAH 80 million for utilities.

Advisor to the head of the presidential office, Aleksey Arestovich, reassures. He says that there will be no problems with refugees: “These are not wild mujahideen with daggers in their teeth, but an educated public who has worked with the Western coalition, knows languages, often more educated than the average Ukrainian.”… To which the speaker of the Rada, Dmitry Razumkov, advised Arestovich to go to Afghanistan and become an advisor to the Taliban, banned in Russia *.

Of course, Ukraine did not like the idea of ​​spending more than half a million hryvnias from the impoverished budget of Ukraine, paying for American experiments with the “Greater Middle East”. Criticism comes in a big wave.

Former Ukrainian presidential candidate Mikhail Dobkin said: “Of course, I am for friendship between peoples, but there is a limit to everything!” That’s right, there is a limit. People’s Deputy Maksim Buzhansky offered to send money to support the industry and people who are “sitting without wages.” Another deputy, Yevgeny Shevchenko, spoke more sharply: “Our lovers of American handouts are so concerned about accepting refugees from Afghanistan that they are ready to build housing for them, give them jobs, pay benefits, spoon-feed, drink from a mug, and even want to build mosques for them. Just to please Uncle Sam “… Journalist Yuri Tkachev writes that he does not understand “Why should he pay for their maintenance from his taxes, and not the US government, because of whose actions they were forced to leave their homes”

The answer is simple: such is the will of the owner of Ukraine! The sheriff does not care about the problems of the Indians. As for the problems, let us recall Novye Sanzhary, when the Ukrainians opposed the accommodation with them of their fellow citizens, evacuated from China.

The number of people dissatisfied with the regime is growing. According to a poll by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology, in July compared to June, the share of those who believe that things in the country are going in the wrong direction increased from 64% to 68.7%. And the number of those who believe that things are going well dropped from 20% to 16.1%.

Afghanistan in Ukraine is reinforcing this trend.

The people have something to worry about. Another adviser to the head of the president’s office, Timofey Mylovanov, said that the pension reform would be carried out for a long time, and advised citizens to save 3-5% of their salaries for future retirement. Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko clarifies: if a person does not have savings in a non-state pension fund, he should not count on a pension. The question is, why pay taxes in such a state?

According to the Ukrainian State Statistics Service, charges for housing and communal services in July, after a sharp increase in tariffs since the beginning of the year, reached UAH 10.6 billion, which is 35.9% more than in July last year.

So the residents of Ukraine vote with their feet – they go to work abroad. This is what Ukraine feeds on. In the first half of 2021, the republic received 3.68 million cross-border transfers for $ 1,470 million (23.8% more than in the same period last year). Most of all transfers are from the USA, Israel and Italy.

And soon there will be no one to treat people – the number of doctors and nurses has decreased by 40%. In the Kherson region, pediatricians are only 30% of the required number, the average age of phthisiatricians reaches 60 years. “Servants of the people” submitted to the Rada a bill on attracting foreign specialists to work in healthcare. The bill says that “A significant part of Ukrainian medical specialists left the country due to low wages and inadequate working conditions”

But who will go to Ukraine on beggarly salaries? According to expert Alexander Khmelevsky, today it is not difficult to forge a medical diploma, and foreign “doctors” will start selling shawarma; the real goal of the bill is to squeeze the indigenous people out of the country and populate it with other peoples.

The same goal is pursued by the idea of ​​resettling Afghans in Ukraine.

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