Nov 13, 2021
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Advice: how to increase the turnover in the store

Advice: how to increase the turnover in the store

Recently, many store owners have noted a downward trend in turnover. The competition is high, and the choice on store shelves is practically the same. How to make the trade turnover grow?

What factors affect the volume of trade

Factors that the store owner cannot influence. The economic situation, amendments to laws, the activities of public authorities. It is necessary to adapt to these factors as to an inevitable reality.

Point of sale location… This factor belongs to the conditionally variable, since a change in the location of the store is a rare phenomenon.

Influencing the volume of trade by expanding the assortment is also very problematic, since the competing parties use the same sources of supply. Finding a unique product that competitors do not have is practically impossible.

Price reduction… It is possible to attract buyers in this way, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to greatly increase profits.

Sales, special offers, promotions. Competitors are doing the same, so it seems difficult to actually raise trade turnover in this way.

All of the above activities are related to the so-called rational ways of attracting a consumer. To really increase the turnover, these funds alone will not be enough, but there are other ways – we attract emotional factors.

Influencing the buyer emotionally

It is necessary to include irrational purchase incentives among buyers. What affects emotionally the desire to buy? Here are a few factors:

  • attractive view of showcases and commercial equipment;
  • ease of movement between counters and shelves. For these purposes, specialized racks are used, thanks to which the buyer gets access to the goods without any problems;
  • the quality of the display of goods;
  • pointers;
  • the presence of attractive advertising inside the trading floor;
  • neat view of the sales area and equipment, restroom.

Conclusion: the buyer should be comfortable inside the store and pleasant to be in the sales area.

Role of merchandisers

The display of goods ensures the promotion of brands. Due to the competent and attractive location of the assortment, the buyer is stimulated by the desire to make a purchase.

Merchandisers use various techniques based on the peculiarities of perception mechanisms, thus, in addition to the necessary purchases, people also choose related products, making purchases impulsively. Due to this, the trade turnover increases significantly.

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