Sep 6, 2021
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Advertising and mass culture are trying to impose someone else’s life

The Internet continues to promote the topic around the use of images – it is customary for us to say “blacks”, somewhere they say “blacks”, overseas – “African Americans” – in advertisements of Russian restaurants, shops, shopping centers, etc. But not only them … And also LGBT themes, rainbow colors, cutesy faces, asexual images and other elements of a culture that is strange for us.

Actually, the scandal itself erupted after a series of actions by the network movement “Male State”, which began, as some liberal media put it, “persecution” of a restaurant chain using images of blacks in advertising. But similar excesses have arisen before.

By the way, “Negro” is the most accurate definition of those who, by origin, belong to African ethnic groups with black skin, that is, representatives of the Negroid race. “Black” is inaccurate, because part of the indigenous population of India, as well as Latin America, Indochina, Australia and other parts of the world, are also black.

African American is generally a concept exclusively from the semantic context of the United States, and is also not accurate, because Arabs (many of whom are just white) live in Africa, and, for example, White Boers, who have long become the indigenous population of this continent, and all of them can become Americans having received US passports. So the most accurate definition is Negro, as it emphasizes belonging to a particular race, and all the negative connotations of this term are also borrowed from the United States.

Like all the excitement around the Negro theme, which is imposed on us from the outside – all this is not our agenda at all, nor is it our cultural code. In Russia, as in the past in the USSR, there are very few blacks. At the same time, the vast expanses of our state are historically inhabited by a great many of the most diverse peoples and ethnic groups, and this is wonderful, and we love all of them and are ready to embrace them.

But it is precisely the Negroes who are not representatives of the traditional peoples of Russia, just like, for example, the Arabs. Their images are exotic for us. But exotic should not be so intrusive, only we cannot eat it, just as it is impossible to eat only black pepper or dry bay leaves. All this can only be a seasoning to the main one. But what is the main thing for us?

Our ancestors did not oppress blacks. They did not take out the inhabitants of the western coast of Black Africa en masse, did not exploit them with particular cruelty, did not treat them like cattle, forcing them to work for themselves. What the colonialists of North America did, not only in relation to black slaves, but also in relation to the local population – the North American Indians – is terrible, inhuman and simply does not fit into the head.

Only the arrogant consciousness of the Anglo-Saxons could give rise to all these monstrous deeds, like most other crimes against humanity. But the Russians, like all other peoples of Greater Russia, which includes the halo of the post-Soviet space, have nothing to do with it. Even in the Soviet period, we considered it unacceptable to oppress people because of their skin color, especially in the United States.

This attitude towards people, like slavery in general, does not fit into the Russian Orthodox ethics, which is the basis of our civilization. At this point, the liberals begin to yell: “Aha, but what about serfdom!” – and this important point requires clarification.

Serfdom – as the same liberals themselves express – is different.

Serfdom is part of the concept of a fortress state defending against the attacks of the forces of the Antichrist in Orthodox Russia. In the center of it is the serf king – the first prayer book, acting as an intermediary between God and the people. Around him is the serf nobility, the service class, the purpose and purpose of which is to fight and die for the Fatherland and the people. The opportunity to fight for him is provided by the serf peasantry – people who themselves are not ready to die, looking death in the face, but turn their backs to death, ready to bend their backs, working for those who die. If only not to die ourselves.

This integral model was destroyed by the Romanovs, when first the tsars themselves, and especially the queens, emancipated themselves, and then they also emancipated the nobility, leaving, however, the peasantry enslaved. This created a social imbalance, and all the vices and ailments of serfdom, when, instead of dying, the nobles also selflessly decomposed. The peasants continued to work, but not in order to provide the nobleman with everything necessary for the war, but in order for him to continue to decay, picking up all kinds of ideological liberal rubbish, rolling out across Europe.

This serf model of ours was unfair and it was eventually dismantled. But the concept of a fortress state has nothing to do with the idea of ​​profit from the exploitation of slaves by the Anglo-Saxons and the North American culture it created. As a result, they also abolished their social imbalance, although a hundred years later than we did, and only now decided to repent for this. But what does this have to do with us?

Serfdom is a disease, but it is our disease. And if the Russians repent to someone else, creating special conditions, preferences and elevating them to a social cult (as they do in the United States with regard to blacks), then it’s to the Russian peasantry. On February 18, 1762, Peter III signed a decree on the freedom of the nobility, and only a century later, in the 1860s, the Russian peasantry was emancipated.

A whole century of injustice, for which the Russian peasants should now have a special attitude: benefits, allowances, interest-free loans, any support from the state, as well as images of Russian peasants everywhere – in advertisements, on posters, in commercials, films, everywhere on us should it is they who look – Russian peasants, descendants of serfs. But instead of them, the descendants of American slaves from Africa and representatives of the second generation of immigrants to Europe from the Arab world, often asexual or with a clearly biased gender identity, look at us, smiling. Why?

Because we are in a state of cultural occupation by the West, not only specifically we – the entire planet. Not only blacks and Arabs in advertising, LGBT-sets on the menu and rainbow colors from all the cracks, but also Western music everywhere: in gyms, shopping malls and even public toilets – the dominance of American pop music. On TV, in cinemas, on the Internet – the dominance of Hollywood cinema. Language is clogged with Western speech codes, education is clogged with Western episteme.

There is only one way to justify the images of blacks in advertisements, and everywhere else: “Why cry through your hair if you have lost your head.” But then they suddenly realized – “but what about the Brest Fortress, which remained far behind the lines of the advancing enemy troops, what about advertising, why are there so many blacks?”

Because cultural occupation is a complex phenomenon that must cover all areas and spheres of life. And she herself is an element of the Western globalist project that seeks to impose on everyone the way of life and even the way of thinking of only one, Western, civilization, declaring them, it is not clear on what grounds, universal for all mankind.

Drinking and repentance, up to subservience to blacks – these are the problems of the West, their social vector, BLM is their problem, but not ours. Sexual emancipation and, in general, overcoming gender identity, admiration for minorities up to their dominance over the majority – this is their choice, of the West. Let them live as they want.

But this is not enough for them. Their so-called values ​​are spreading like an infection throughout the world, dictating and pointing out to other peoples and civilizations how to live. In addition, they also control whether Western-generated transnational corporations and their products are everywhere, whether the norms of American democracy are sufficiently observed, whether Western “values” are fully spreading, whether Western mass culture dominates everywhere.

To control the observance of Western norms and values, the United States has proliferated its agents, networks, and NGOs everywhere, which are just the same hound everyone who at least somehow tries to resist the Western liberal aggressive dominance. According to the plan of globalist strategists, the peoples of the world should not have anything of their own in the end. Even advertisements. Not to mention traditional gender identity, traditional family and sexual restraint.

But if someone is against and is indignant at the dominance of alien images, then the persecution is complete. “Fascist”, “racist”, “terrorist”, the liberals and the Anglo-Saxons screech, being themselves champions in the number of anti-human crimes, carriers of racist arrogance, exploiters of peoples and aggressive warmongers of hundreds of wars.

As for advertising, images that are alien to our cultural code and mentality rather repel the layman, who may not be able to formulate this, but internally feels rather dislike for it. The owners of stores, shopping centers and brands also understand this, but apparently they cannot do anything about it. After all, “where their money is, there is their soul”, and aggressive globalists who do not tolerate objections control both of them.

Valery Korovin

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