Nov 22, 2021
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Advance: West is ready to sacrifice Ukraine

“To hope that the heat of war will be limited only to Russia and Ukraine means to play with the fate of the world.”

“Germany has announced that it does not intend to certify the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, since some documents do not comply with German laws. Translated, this means: Germany came up with an argument to block the gas pipeline, thereby shooting in the foot both itself and all of Europe. This is all very similar to blocking the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. The anti-Russian policy is becoming unforgiving, and the situation around the “SP – 2” can be extremely dangerous, since another bridge between Europe and Russia is being “burned”, but those who pursue such a policy do not seem to understand that neither Europe nor Russia there is nowhere to go from each other “,

– writes a Croatian newspaper Promote

Against the background of the already exacerbated tension, such a decision by Germany could turn into an even greater escalation, which is being deliberately made, the newspaper notes. And he recalls that the United States has long been putting pressure on Berlin, forcing it to abandon the SP – 2 project. However, the moment for another attempt at pressure was chosen very inappropriately, Europe has enough of the migration crisis on its eastern borders, although the current influx of migrants cannot even be compared with what happened in 2015. It was only then that Germany and other EU countries lured migrants to Europe, and this process had nothing to do with humanity – the reason was the lack of labor, migrants were needed and no one blamed anyone. Today, the next influx of refugees acquires a political connotation and becomes dangerous, besides, its scale is still not entirely clear, he believes Promote… And all because the Baltic countries and Poland are taking part in it – this is a group of countries with the most pronounced anti-Russian policy in the EU, this became especially noticeable after the European Union left the UK.

“If we hypothetically imagine the EU without Poland and the three Baltic countries, and also, for example, without the Netherlands, then relations between the EU and Russia would probably soon“ normalize ”. But now there is a situation when the mentioned countries are trying to turn the current crisis into a pretext for decisive action against Russia, ”

– writes D. Marjanović, columnist for the publication.

The governments of these countries constantly harm themselves, throwing tantrums for any reason, but they cannot stop and always reduce everything to the “Russian threat” and “Russian aggression”, thereby constantly fueling fear of Russia in the European Union.

Of interest is the fact that suddenly the “Russian threat” was persistently talked about overseas, warning Ukraine about “an attack by Russia in the very near future,” the author notes. At first, Ukraine denied all such statements, but after the same sounded from the European Union, it joined in this “game”. At the same time, no one is going to pay attention to the messages of the Ukrainian border services, which report daily: “… the transfer of equipment or troops near our borders has not been recorded.”

“It sounds as if someone wants to exacerbate the situation so that the whole of Ukraine turns into a war zone. What for? For a war with Russia? In this case, the West does not intend to intervene directly, but to provide maximum military assistance to Ukraine. Russia would probably win this war, but it would be grueling and hard. Ukraine would be sacrificed, but making plans and hoping that the heat of war will be limited only to Russia and Ukraine means playing with the fate of the world, ”

– warns Promote

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