Oct 25, 2021
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Advance: Poland was left alone with the problem of the increasing flow of migrants


Advance: Poland was left alone with the problem of the increasing flow of migrants
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Earlier it became known that Warsaw allocated 366 million euros to strengthen the borders with Belarus in connection with the huge influx of migrants to European countries. Many EU representatives accuse the president of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko, of deliberately transporting illegal immigrants across the country’s eastern border.

As the author of the article noted, in the opinion of the Polish authorities, the wall on the border with Belarus “saves lives.” First, it scares off potential immigrants who, when they see a fortification equipped with motion sensors, will not dare to spend the night in the forests of the coming winter. Secondly, the wall will protect the Polish population from the threat posed by groups of displaced persons who have managed to cross the unprotected border. Frequent thefts, hijacking and violence greatly excite the Poles, who do not want to see residents of the Middle East in their country.

According to the analyst, the Polish leadership does not want to rely on chance and keep its own population in constant fear of migrants. However, Warsaw is not strong enough to independently provide humanitarian support and at the same time show political resilience. The state needs help from other Europeans who could introduce joint sanctions against carriers who take part in human trafficking. In any case, at the moment Poland is left alone with its migration problem and continues to accumulate anger at the EU.

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