Oct 28, 2021
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Adopted on first reading. United Russia voted for a three-year budget

The draft budget for the upcoming “three years” was adopted in the first reading at a meeting of the State Duma on October 28. The United Russia faction voted for him unanimously. The document reflects funding for the implementation of the people’s program of the party, the national development goals of the country, the instructions of the president, which he gave in his Address and at the congress of “United Russia”. This guarantees the fulfillment of social obligations of the state and an increase in spending on them, regardless of the conditions of the economy.

Increased spending on family support, science and healthcare

The draft budget provides for financing (more than 2 trillion rubles) of targeted support for more than 5 million families with children from 3 to 7 years old, single parents of children from 8 to 17 years old, pregnant women in difficult life situations. 1.6 trillion rubles are provided for the maternity capital program. By the second reading, it will be indexed as well – on the instructions of the President, United Russia dealt with this issue together with the relevant ministries. More than 260 billion is provided for improving the living conditions of families with children. In addition, the decision of the President to increase the salaries of servicemen and law enforcement officers was secured.

Health care costs will be increased. More than 270 billion is provided for the Primary Care for Everyone program. Almost 8 thousand medical institutions will be built and repaired along it, and the availability of medical care will increase. Financial support will be provided for programs of medical rehabilitation and “sanitary shield”, delivery of ambulances to the regions. Their implementation is one of the priorities of the United Russia people’s program. Additional funds are provided for the fight against covid and drug provision of citizens.

An equally important priority of the party’s people’s program and its budgetary policy is the development of science and education. Therefore, United Russia has ensured that the budget includes funds for the program of capital repairs of schools, which the president instructed to launch at the party congress. Also, 500 billion rubles are provided for the construction of new schools in the regions. Payments were provided to class teachers and curators in technical schools, the creation of additional places in universities and the construction of new campuses, the development of secondary vocational education and other areas in this area.

Infrastructure development and environmental objectives

In order to ensure the implementation of the initiatives of the people’s program to create a comfortable urban environment regardless of the region, the development of housing construction, transport infrastructure, United Russia, while working on the budget with the Government, provided funding for the creation of modern social infrastructure for recreation and activities in small towns and rural settlements. sports, liquidation of emergency housing stock, integrated development of rural areas and repair of regional and local roads. Funds have also been pledged to support individual housing construction, including the provision of soft loans for the construction of private houses.

The solution of environmental problems is also envisaged. More than 340 billion rubles have been allocated for the liquidation of almost 200 landfills, funds are provided for forest protection (more than 14 billion rubles annually). Also taken into account and other proposals of “United Russia” – on the elimination of objects of accumulated harm, cleaning up river beds and the territorial sea.

Another priority for the party is to support employment, small and medium-sized businesses. Self-employed citizens will be included in the program of support and concessional lending. Funds have been allocated separately for the development of tourism – more than 170 billion rubles.

Another goal of the United Russia people’s program is the implementation of large infrastructure projects by the regions. This initiative is also reflected in the budget for the next “three years”. The construction of the metro, roads, housing, social facilities will allow the regions to ensure sustainable development.

At the same time, the Duma faction of the party will prepare a number of amendments for the second reading of the budget. Including – on the social development of the countryside and the integrated development of rural areas, the development of sports infrastructure in the countryside and in small towns, support of the regions in the construction and repair of municipal and regional roads. Discussion of these amendments will take place at the site of “United Russia”.

The party worked on the draft budget for 2022 and the planning period 2023-2024 together with the Cabinet of Ministers within the framework of zero readings and the formation of the party’s popular program. At a meeting with deputies of the State Duma of the VIII convocation, the President instructed to fully reflect in the budget the initiatives of the program document of “United Russia”. And all the Duma factions should take control of the implementation of these projects so that they are brought to a concrete result within the specified time frame.

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