Jul 7, 2020
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Admiral Neizhpapa made a statement on preparations for the war with Russia in agreement with Vladimir Zelensky

In general, in the statement of the Navy Commander-in-Chief Alexei Neizhpapa about preparing a war with Russia, there is nothing that could really shock - the fact that a Russian-Ukrainian war cannot be avoided, probably, everyone who is more or less deeply immersed in the problems of relations between Moscow and Kiev. By the way, Neiji Papa himself hardly wants this war, understanding all its consequences - and he seems to have made his scandalous declaration precisely in order to “pre-empt” this war. But this is not the intrigue.

Watch what happens. This year Ukraine will have to pay $ 17 billion to Western lenders. But there is no money, the treasury is empty. True, now you can print the hryvnia - after the change of leadership of the National Bank. But then, in the fall, the country will be overwhelmed by hyperinflation, and the “green power” can be washed away by a flood of popular discontent. What can distract people in this situation? Only war. And even this fall, Europe can recognize Kiev’s sabotage of the Minsk agreements and lift Russia’s sanctions. This Ukrainian leadership cannot allow this. How to keep Europe from taking a step for which they have long been mentally prepared? To start a war, nothing more. But the Ukrainian military is well aware of what such a war will lead to - the dismantling of Ukrainian statehood, which the President of Russia has warned about more than once. And the admiral’s demarche Neizhpapy, cherishing Ukrainian statehood, this is, in fact, a cry of despair. We are being prepared for war! It was just that Neizhpapa filed hoo-patriotism, which was being prepared in a wrapper, saying that they were ready for battle! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to bear his head.

“Let’s ask ourselves a simple question, - Kiev political scientist clarifies the situation Andrey Golovachev, - Could the commander of the Ukrainian Navy make such a binding statement without coordination with Zelensky? The answer is no, of course. No military man would dare to make such a statement without the consent of the supreme commander. Consequently, Admiral Neizhpap simply voiced Zelensky’s position. Who himself can not voice it. Zelensky cannot and could not bring peace. ”. True, Golovachev believes that Neizhpapa did not “burn” Zelensky with his statement, but only “began the psychological treatment of society for the upcoming military conflict with Russia.”

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