Oct 22, 2021
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Adelina Sotnikova spoke about the relationship with the former Olga Buzova


Figure skater Adelina Sotnikova shared the details of her relationship with David Manukyan.

For the Olympic champion in figure skating Adelina Sotnikova, the sport was far behind. However, the girl does not plan to disappear from the media space. She surprised everyone by suddenly embarking on a solo career.

She recently recorded the first song and has already managed to shoot a video for it. The premiere of Sotnikova’s debut work was attended by many celebrities, including the video blogger and singer David Manukyan, better known as Dava. At this premiere, Womanhit journalists talked to Adeline.

David was supposed to be Adeline’s partner in the Ice Age show, aired on Channel One. However, the audience could not see the enchanting performance. Dava had to give up performances due to an injury. The former athlete was upset and supported her partner in her blog on Instagram, wishing him a quick recovery and putting a cute smiley.

Adelina Sotnikova with Dava
Adelina Sotnikova with Dava

At the premiere, the couple hugged and laughed merrily. David and Adeline showed that they were pleased to be near each other.

I am his bunny. (Laughs) Yes, we really have very warm, friendly relations, and I am sure that there will still be projects ahead that we can implement together“, – the former sportswoman answered mysteriously.

Recall that at the beginning of 2021, Dava broke up with Olga Buzova. The couple broke up with a scandal. Each of them showed their emotions on social networks and wrote rude words about their partner. Olga did not let go of the situation: recently in her blog, she again mentioned Davout as the worst of her exes, to which Manukyan did not fail to respond. The singer said that they hardly want to return to the worst, and attached a screenshot with Buzova’s calls.

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