Feb 21, 2021
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Actress Sotnikova burst into tears during farewell to the late Myagkov

Actress Vera Sotnikova could not hold back her tears at the farewell ceremony for the late artist Andrei Myagkov, who passed away on February 18.

Many friends and colleagues have come to see the star of the film “Office Romance” on his last journey. The funeral event took place at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. Vera Sotnikova went to the microphone and burst into tears during her speech.

“I have a hole in my chest. <...> What eyes he had! Personally, I have lost the last teacher, ”the artist shared her emotions.

The actress does not know how her life would have turned out if in 1977 she had not come to the Moscow Art Theater School, where Myagkov taught. Sotnikova is grateful to fate for the opportunity to play with the actor in Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya.

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