Feb 12, 2021
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Actress Gina Carano has compared the United States to Nazi Germany

Lucasfilm Studios and UTA have dropped their collaboration with The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano. In her social networks, she compared the modern United States with Nazi Germany, and the pressure on Republicans with the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust.

“Today, many do not understand that before Nazi soldiers began arresting Jews by the thousands, the government first made its own citizens hate them for being Jewish. How is that different from hating someone because of their political views? ” – she wrote.

After that, Twitter users launched a #FireGinaCarano flash mob demanding to fire the actress. Lucasfilm studio announced its refusal to cooperate with Carano.

Netizens are actively commenting on the situation with the actress. “Because of the picture in the stories, Gina was discharged from the Star Wars universe. We are still far from such a canseling, we are still not so evil. I only have the hashtag in my feed #YaMyGenderNeutralMulticulturalDesties” Elizaveta Lazerson.

In turn, the Telegram channel “Mediatekhnolog” was outraged that the actress was being deprived of her job for her republican views. This suggests that the Republican Party “has been shut down seriously and for a long time,” the authors conclude.

“It is clear that Lucasfilm will lose much more than Gina from the removal of Gina, but this only testifies to the fear of the company itself, which fears in today’s US to look” wrong “, and therefore is ready to merge and repress someone without regret. th year “, – states the Telegram channel.

On January 9, Twitter permanently blocked the account of the still current US President Donald Trump. He was accused of instigating riots. The social network began to hunt down Republican supporters.

After being removed from Twitter, Trump supporters began chatting on the Parler social network. Google and Apple removed the app from their stores, and Amazon stopped providing cloud hosting services to social media.


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