Oct 15, 2020
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Actress Christina Asmus infected with COVID-19

The Russian actress announced that she had contracted the coronavirus.

On October 14, on Instagram, the artist spoke about the symptoms of the disease and urged everyone to be careful and not forget about the danger of COVID-19.

“I have confirmed the covid. Three days were straight tough - the temperature above 39, and below 37.7, even after antipyretic, did not fall ... Red throat, cough, hellish aches of the whole body and head splitting, ”Asmus wrote.

According to her, an ambulance has already arrived twice, and in the near future she is waiting for a doctor again. While the actress was allowed to stay at home.

Asmus asked subscribers to wear masks and gloves, keep a distance and not go anywhere at the first signs of illness.

On October 11, it became known that the People's Artist of Russia, 90-year-old Ivan Krasko contracted the coronavirus. According to its director, at some point, the actor felt bad, began to choke, the test for COVID-19 was positive.

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