Dec 27, 2020
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Actor Sergei Makovetsky explained why he never became a father

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Sergey Makovetsky frankly told why he has no children. Although the actor perceives the son of his wife Elena from his first marriage as his own.

Makovetsky admitted that he always loved the boy, and over the years they managed to maintain a good relationship.

“Mother could scold, I never scolded,” he recalled.

The actor got married in 1983, but over the long years of marriage, he and his wife did not have common children. Makovetsky explained that he did not become a father because of the difficult housing issue.

“Where would I bring my wife and child? I have to be responsible for my family. I’m a man after all, ”he said in the program“ The Fate of a Man ”.

Makovetsky believes that his marriage lasts so long because of the ability to listen to his wife, take into account her wishes. The actor is not upset about the absence of children.

The artist, in a recent commentary to the Federal News Agency, confirmed information about his infection with the coronavirus. At the same time, he stressed that he considers reducing the load of auditoriums to 25% as a more serious problem.

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