Jan 10, 2022
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Actor Leonid Kuravlev was in intensive care after being infected with COVID-19

The star of the comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession” Leonid Kuravlev was hospitalized with symptoms of coronavirus. The artist’s condition is assessed as grave.

Kuravlev is in a hospital in Kommunarka, he was hospitalized on the eve of Christmas. The artist was unwell due to shortness of breath, the test confirmed suspicions of COVID-19. Doctors transferred Kuravlev to the intensive care unit. According to the source, he is in serious condition.

“He is on oxygen, under round-the-clock medical supervision. Saturation has returned to normal, the temperature is lowered, as is the pressure, “- reports” StarHit “.

The artist’s children Vasily and Ekaterina are in touch with the clinic. Probably, it is their doctors who inform about Kuravlev’s condition.

Actress Elena Proklova also ended up in a Moscow clinic. The star was hospitalized with dizziness, doctors diagnosed her with a stroke.

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