Oct 13, 2020
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Actor Ivan Krasko told how he fights coronavirus

Actor Ivan Krasko told how he is fighting the coronavirus. This is reported by "Teleprogram".

People's Artist of Russia Ivan Krasko is 90 years old and is now fighting the coronavirus. The actor said that on October 3 and 5, he participated in performances at the Komissarzhevskaya Theater, and the next day, the analysis for COVID-19 gave a positive result. Ivan Krasko refused hospitalization and now he is being treated at home.

“I feel fine and in no case regret that I decided to be treated at home. I have no temperature. The doctors prescribed a lot of drugs, and I take them, ”says the artist.

His wife Natalya helps him with home treatment, she visits pharmacies and commands the recovery process. Krasko affectionately calls her his "chief physician." His sons also often visit him.

The actor does not know where he could have picked up the virus, in his opinion, the virus is everywhere, and he is looking for people who are not all right with their immunity or who are weakened by prolonged stress.

“Now I feel some weakness, I have postponed training and I am not doing anything. Previous performances took a lot of energy, both spiritual and physical. I tore the body apart - that was the virus and took it, ”suggests Ivan Krasko.

The next performances with the artist are scheduled for mid and late October. As the artist noted, he is not Trump, he does not need to chase power, so he will not be particularly zealous. He also stressed that you need to calmly go through the quarantine weeks and recover. When the actor is ready to go on stage, the doctors will say.

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