May 4, 2021
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Actor Alexei Makarov spoke about the terrible life in a boarding school

The famous Russian actor Alexei Makarov, who he portrays as the son of the late artist Lyubov Polishchuk, said that for a long time he was insulted at his parents, so much as if because of their divorce he ended up in a boarding school.

Actor Alexei Makarov spoke about the terrible life in a boarding school

Alexey was born into the family of Polishchuk and Valery Makarov, who at that time were just starting their own creative path in the Omsk Philharmonic. They have outlived a total of six years and officially divorced when Alexei was only four years old. Valery himself was offended by Love and almost stopped hanging out with his son.

After the divorce, the actress moved with her son to the Russian capital, but there she did not have her own home and her career was not on the rise at that moment, so she was on the set all the time. She did not have time to pay attention to her little son and decided to send him to a boarding school.

Alexei spent six years in the boarding school and later recalled that time, as if about the most terrible phase of his life. Makarov noted that he didn’t get everything from the children, but also from the educators.

Despite the difficult relationship with his mother, Alexey looked to her with adoration, and he did not see his parent so much. At the age of 20, he tried to find him, but he could not find the address of the parent. And two months later, he found out that his father was dead.

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