May 30, 2022
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Achtung: Monkeypox replaced coronavirus

Achtung: Monkeypox replaced coronavirus

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The number of cases of human infection with monkeypox in the world is already about a hundred, and continues to grow. Another attack did not bypass Europe either. The first case of infection was confirmed the day before in Austria, earlier cases were detected in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Switzerland, as well as in Australia, the USA and other countries.

As of May 21, the World Health Organization has confirmed 92 cases, with no deaths reported. It is noteworthy that infections are not associated with travel to endemic areas and so far the infection has been detected mainly among men who have had homosexual contacts. In Portugal, as of May 23, local authorities have confirmed 37 cases, so the total number of infected will obviously increase.

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Despite the reassuring statements of a number of experts, Belgium, for example, has already introduced quarantine for infected people for 21 days, since the incubation period for monkeypox is quite long. An increase in the incidence is expected in Germany, where as of May 22, 4 cases of this disease were confirmed, tests are being specified for a number of people who are suspected of having it.

“Due to the numerous contacts of infected people, new cases of infection should now be expected in Europe, as well as in Germany,” the German Ministry of Health said in a report.

The document also states that more than 130 confirmed and suspected cases have been identified in the world “and this trend is increasing every day.” The department does not exclude that vaccination against smallpox can protect against monkeypox.

In Russia, there are no cases of infection of people with monkeypox in Russia now, the Minister of Health assured journalists Mikhail Murashko. He also clarified that prior to 1980 smallpox vaccination was mandatory, so now there is “a certain pool of immune populations.” Eats in Russia and means of diagnosing monkeypox

“There are diagnosticums in the Russian Federation, they were registered back in 2017, so there are no difficulties with making a diagnosis, both clinically and laboratory confirmed,” the head of the department is sure.

According to Mikhail Murashko, doctors, if necessary, will be able to identify the disease and treat it, since there are medicines for this.

However, the authorities of some regions, given the experience of the coronavirus, decided to play it safe. Thus, quarantine control at the Krasnoyarsk airport has been strengthened.

“We have taken measures to strengthen sanitary and quarantine control at the Krasnoyarsk airport. To date, in our region, as well as throughout Russia, there are no cases of monkeypox. The risk of importation of infection is assessed as low, ”the chief sanitary doctor of the region wrote in his TG channel. Dmitry Goryaev.

A doctor, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Onishchenko urged the Russians not to go on vacation abroad yet.

“I would strongly recommend that Russians do not plan trips to Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Europeans fly there to rest, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov notes that in Africa, monkeypox is “a fairly common occurrence, especially when the routine smallpox vaccination was discontinued in the 1980s (the vaccine also protects well against monkeypox).”

“The virus is reluctantly transmitted from person to person, close contact is needed for a long time (at a distance of a meter from each other for at least 3 hours !!!),” he wrote in his TG channel.

According to the doctor, the virus is similar to human smallpox, but much less contagious and with a much lower mortality rate – about 10% in humans.

As explained Immunologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, General Director of Clinical Excellence Group LLC Nikolay KryuchkovMonkeypox is a well-known zoonotic, that is, an infection that occurs predominantly in animal populations.

It is an endemic, that is, a disease that is widespread in a certain area. In this case, it is West and Central Africa. Rodents and some great apes are mainly affected. The first officially recorded human infection was in 1970.

This is not the first outbreak, there have been before. In 2003, there was a large one in the USA, about 70 cases with confirmed or probable suspicion. There were repeated deliveries to the USA (last year it was in two states) and to Europe. Now all experts were surprised that this outbreak covered 15 countries as of May 22, and 92 cases have already been officially identified. At the same time, under suspicion, based on reports from the national health services, more than a hundred people have not yet been laboratory confirmed.

“SP”: – Can you estimate how quickly it spreads?

– It spreads unusually quickly for him, although in general the rates are low, the contagiousness is low. The now widespread West African variant gives a mortality rate of 2-4% in Africa, but in the last 7 years the incidence has jumped there. This is attributed, among other things, to the fact that a lot of time has passed since the global programs from smallpox, respectively, the layer of people with immunity has become thinner.

We see that people have become more susceptible to infections, and when transport links are established with most regions of the world, then these deliveries happen regularly. Their number grew gradually, but now it has grown very strongly.

In 2003, the source was clear in the US (prairie dogs from Ghana). Now, when the chains are untwisted, the source is not found. This suggests that the actual number of cases in the world is much higher than what is now declared. Investigation and detection continues. I think in another two weeks we will be approaching the real number of cases.

“SP”: – Should we expect a new pandemic?

“There is no pandemic or epidemic of monkeypox. The probability is extremely low. As for outbreaks and further growth, this is quite possible, because so far the process is not controlled. At least in Britain, Spain, Portugal, which are leading here. In other European countries, there are still a minimum of cases. In Canada, the situation is still unclear, but the population density there is very low. So far, there is one case in the US and one is under suspicion.

Now the task of anti-epidemiological services is to bring the infection under control, including through quarantines, identifying chains, and possible isolation of contacts. Spain buys vaccines, antiviral drugs, and trains specialists.

Everyone faced covid, before that they faced pandemics, infections like Ebola in Africa. Probably now we are seeing many local outbreaks due to the initial importation. It is assumed that there was some kind of super-spreading (super-spreading) at some major event. Now one of these events under suspicion is the Antwerp Festival. Superspreads – people who infect a large number of people, disproportionately large, they behave unreasonably, go to some events with a temperature and other things, or having some of the symptoms, have sex, for example, with a man, why is it the group with this disease now homosexuals.

There are two hypotheses. The first is that through close and traumatic contact, transmission is facilitated, as, for example, in homosexuals. The second one is these groups of MSM, since they are more attentive to their health and are the first to seek medical attention, which is why there is such a disproportion. Rather, the first, but the second hypothesis is also possible closer to the truth. Within 2-3 weeks, we will find out how to distribute the incidence in reality, whether we will find non-MSM in the population that will get sick.

“SP”: – What is the probability of its appearance in Russia?

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– High. As much as we would like to isolate ourselves, it is impossible to do so. Another thing is that it is easy to prevent outbreaks with the right approach. Delivery may be, but the outbreak may not be allowed. This infection is much better controlled than covid.

“SP”: – How to protect yourself and will the vaccination that we were given in childhood help against smallpox?

– Not everyone did. They did it to those who are older, but they didn’t do it to many young people.

Not 100% of the time, but it will help. This vaccination can indeed largely protect against the development of this disease. The effectiveness of the vaccine is about 85%, that is, it reduces the risk of infection. But it may be that someone from the older generation is vaccinated, but due to their age they have severe chronic diseases, they have an immunodeficiency and this does not work, so there is no one hundred percent guarantee.

We must be vigilant. If, against the background of temperature, aches, pains in the muscles, some kind of rash appears on the face, and then on the torso and arms and legs (and it is very characteristic – large, ripens and bubbles appear) – this should alert! A person should immediately isolate himself, isolate those who live nearby, call doctors, warning about the signs.

Masks also work well. Vaccination against smallpox, especially if the person is at risk. It is necessary to explain where you can get vaccinated until it is done. There are many anti-epidemic measures that the authorities must implement.

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