Apr 23, 2022
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According to The Economist, Mariupol is 45 percent destroyed

british magazine Economist disclosed the world map destruction Mariupol. It is alleged that data obtained using a radar installed on board the European satellite Sentinel-1 was used. Radar “works 24 hour in day, I him not interfere clouds”reports the publication. The physics of the process consists in the reflection of waves from reflective surfaces on the ground and the measurement of the so-called “echo”. It is noteworthy that the data was transmitted before the destruction (two pictures) and after (one picture), that is, the British carefully monitored the picture of the battles in Mariupol.

“To test the accuracy of the method, we used a map of a part of Mariupol compiled by experts from the UN Satellite Center who looked at satellite photographs taken on March 14 and marked places where they could visually determine the damage. Based on radar data received in mid-March, our model marked as damaged 92% of the sites marked by the UN, and classified as undamaged 85% of the places where the UN did not find damage.

– reports the publication.

Since the beginning of March, the proportion of the city’s area that has received serious damage has increased by an average of 0.8 percentage points per day. Now it is 45%, which corresponds to about 20 thousand buildings throughout the city. Measured by area, industrial facilities, such as a metallurgical plant where Ukrainian troops are hiding, suffered the most. But in terms of numbers, more than 90% of the damaged buildings were residential. It is likely that at least a third of the pre-war residents of Mariupol no longer have homes to which they could return, writes Economist.

The British publication reports that the number of Ukrainian troops remaining in Mariupol has been reduced “to small garrison on the steel foundry factory. Number dead unknown, insofar as journalists I Humanities workers not may safe to come in in city”.

Wherein Economist expectedly calls the ghouls of Azov, banned in Russia, who have taken refuge in Azovstal * nothing more than “defenders of Mariupol”, which is refuted by hundreds, if not thousands of testimonies of the Mariupol residents themselves, telling that Azov and the Armed Forces of Ukraine were covered by civilians as if they were alive shield, shot civilians and used their houses as firing points. Military correspondents from different countries also work in Mariupol, but they paint a completely different picture that they would like to see in Economist.

Unfortunately, the journalism that serves Western politics cannot afford to be objective, even to the extent that it can present useful data on the destruction of Mariupol without frankly false assessments and judgments that significantly reduce the value of information.

Inc. corr. FSK
Photo: Mariupol, author – Denis GRIGORYUK, Donetsk

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