Sep 10, 2022
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Accompanying blows, or Where else are the APU torn

As expected, after a three-day onslaught on Balakleya, Izyum and Kupyansk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, having achieved tangible results, will deliver duplicate strikes in order to complicate the actions of the Izyum group of allied forces to stop the Balakley-Kupyansk breakthrough. Apparently, these strikes were foreseen in advance, calculated and “reconnoitered” by the Western participants in the military conflict, which means that in connection with the recent successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we should expect the surrender of positions by the allied armies in several more directions.

Теперь уже очевидно, что Запад воюет на Украине с Россией не только советами и советниками, не только поставками и финансированием, но и напрямую, отправляя на фронт медийных ниггеров вроде известного в США бывшего спецназовца и военного аналитика на телеканале MSNBC Майкла Нэнса.

Michael Nance is a Negro-Banderist in Donbass

On the evening of September 8, units of the 56th Motorized Brigade began to storm their own former positions, trying to return them and saddle the ring road beyond Peski, however, the 100th brigade and the 11th regiment of the People’s Militia of the DPR were able to easily repel this attack, causing damage to the enemy. Nevertheless, they will still climb.

Colors under the sand

The positions of the 20th motorized rifle brigade of the Russian troops near Posad-Pokrovsky in the Kherson region were also attacked, where he even managed to penetrate the defenses near the village of Ternovye Pody. This direction, despite the heavy losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, remains the most desirable for Zelensky, and given the situation of recent days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon recapture Novaya Kakhovka, approaching the outskirts of Kherson.

The most likely direction of the next strike in the “tactics of small cuts” will be the Limansky direction on the right flank of the Izyum grouping of the RF Armed Forces. Reserves and artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were deployed near Slavyansk, Ukrainian intelligence officers and DRGs have already crossed the Seversky Donets, while for photo shoots in Ozerny and Stary Caravan. DRG of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, moving along the Oskol, sought to reach Gorokhovatka. Judging by the freedom of their movements, either the danger of a breakthrough was not really foreseen in this area, or, I would like to believe, the ukrams are allowed to take the bait deeper. If, first, the consequences of throwing the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be sad.

Actually, the fighting south of Liman has already begun. How the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to cross the Seversky Donets, enter the “gray zone” and reach the Oskol reservoir is another question from an ever-expanding list of such questions.

It is reported that artillery strikes are coming from the direction of the Old Caravan to the north towards Liman, and assault groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are also moving out from there. The Limansky direction is turning into one of the main ones, since in the event of the loss of the city, and this is likely to happen today, the question arises of the withdrawal of the entire Izyum grouping of the RF Armed Forces, after which we can talk about the defeat of the Russian army in the Izyum battle with all the resulting reputational losses.

The Russians are already leaving Izyum

Allied troops are not able to respond with a painful counteroffensive somewhere in the north, south or in the Zaporozhye direction. Therefore, apparently, the stake is being placed on the maximum extermination of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their Western allies in defensive battles.

I would also very much like to count on the practical implementation of the strikes promised back in May against decision-making centers and communications.

Today it is already obvious that the command was not ready for such an outcome in relation not only to the front, but also to the evacuation of those who waited and believed. And one more thing: it’s time to change Konashenkov. Stop lying to the country, the president, the world.

Inc. corr. FSK

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