May 5, 2022
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Accident victim mistakenly declared dead wakes up in coffin but dies shortly after

accident victim woke up in a coffinRosa Isabel Cespedes Kalaka was involved in a serious car accident that killed her husband’s brother and seriously injured her nephews.

accident victim woke up in a coffin

Doctors declared the 36-year-old resident of Peru dead, after which the family began to prepare for the funeral. But the funeral, which was already painful, was overshadowed by a shocking incident.

accident victim woke up in a coffin

The relatives who were carrying the coffin heard a knock coming from it. When the lid was removed, everyone saw with horror that Rosa’s eyes were open. Having loaded the imaginary deceased along with the coffin into the back of a pickup truck, people took the woman to a nearby hospital, where the unfortunate woman was connected to a life support system.

accident victim woke up in a coffin

But, sadly, the expected miracle did not happen. Although the patient did show faint signs of life, her condition rapidly deteriorated and she died a few hours later. This time there was no error.

accident victim woke up in a coffin

Now the hospital, whose doctors initially thought Rosa was dead, mistaking a coma for death, began an investigation. The relatives of the deceased woman say they are furious and hope that the doctors will be severely punished.

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