Jan 29, 2021
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Accept or resist?

The coronavirus pandemic, a global lockdown that has plunged hundreds of countries. The first wave, the second … The British authorities are depriving the inhabitants of the country of Christmas, Germany is again introducing strict antiquarian measures, and Israel has completely “closed in a box” – no one has ever seen such self-isolation of the whole country. And now we are told about the third wave of the disease. What’s happening? Who benefits from this?

Global covid reset – this phrase is on everyone’s lips today. The very term “Great Reset” was in the main trends in social networks in the spring of last year, at a time when an unprecedented economic depression was spreading around the world. And they started talking about it so loudly that the New York Times even published material refuting a certain “conspiracy theory”, they say, everything is not so.

What are the globalists preparing for us?

But already at the beginning of June, information on the topic of the next summit, scheduled for January 2021, appeared on the website of the World Economic Forum in Davos. It sounds like this: “The Great Reset”, with the help of which the world is invited to “benefit from the global economic shock.” And the plans presented are almost completely consistent with the UN policy voiced in the Agenda 2030 program back in 2015.

As stated in one of Constantinople’s publications, WEF President Klaus Schwab (together with Prince of Wales Charles) is one of the main proponents of this concept: a global restructuring of the world economy in favor of a supposedly more environmentally friendly and socially oriented development model.

According to the famous economist Valentin Katasonov, Klaus Schwab, together with like-minded people and accomplices, who make up the “golden billion” of humanity, demonstrate the following farce: they declare that religion and capitalism are to blame for the current calamities of mankind.

Klaus Schwab, along with such a famous lady named Lynn de Rothschild (the wife of one of the main Rothschilds – Evelyn Rothschild), set about denouncing the old order, which they call “shareholder capitalism”. And the shareholders, they say, have no other goal than to get profit, profit at any cost.

They put forward a project to create “stakeholder capitalism” (in English). In fact, this is not a new capitalism, but a new slave system.

Liberal politicians around the world, and above all, US President-elect Joe Biden, have spoken about the Big Reset with enviable constancy.

Director, actor, author of the “Besogon TV” program Nikita Mikhalkov in his new release showed a video recording of the speech in the Federation Council of a scientist, adviser to the Russian Defense Minister Andrei Ilnitsky, in which he also touches on the theme of the “Great Reset” and mentions the actual author of this idea – the head of the EEF Klaus Schwab. Constantinople talked in some detail about what Klaus Schwab is, who belongs to the cohort of the so-called “new globalists”.

Forget about the dock world

Andrei Ilnitsky recalled that Schwab is the main ideologist of globalism. It was he who created this Davos Club in the early 70s of the last century, “which our ministers and oligarchs love to visit.”

In a recently published book entitled Covid and the Global Covid Reboot, author Klaus Schwab views COVID as a project of his own and says openly that they are [глобалисты и транснациональные корпорации] will not allow a return to the dock-like world and will raise the question that deterrent measures cannot be weakened. And here it appears that it is not COVID that is a threat, but the measures of restriction that are being taken because of it around the world,

– said Ilnitsky. According to the publicist, in the “wondrous world of the future” that Schwab offers to all, corporations will rule, power and resources will be transferred to them, and there is simply no place for nation states. And this will happen in the very near future.

Schwab and other authors of this idea believe that the whole world now has a “narrow window of opportunity to change the world.” “What do they want?” – asks Nikita Mikhalkov.

Schwab called for the “Great Reset” long before the start of this pandemic, this infection that entered the world. Why, after the Spanish flu, did they return to the norm, which killed many more people, and now it is impossible to return directly? This is a question from questions. Referring to professional opinion, Nikita Mikhalkov quotes the words of the philosopher and futurologist Sergei Pereslegin:

As for the coronavirus, the impact of this pandemic on the human population is negligible. Today, about 1.7 million are recorded. But, for comparison, the Spanish flu claimed 8 million lives in the first year. That being said, the social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is absolutely incredible. In one year we have lost the achievements of more than two hundred years of democratic and free life. This is humanly difficult to understand. The fact that governments wanted, and peoples agreed, is a real and very significant social result of the pandemic.

It’s not about denial. It is important to understand what is happening?

Mikhalkov emphasizes that he is not going to deny the disease itself, but he is alarmed by the panic that gripped the world. The point is not denial, but the need to find an answer to the question: who benefits from everything that happens in the world? Anyway, someone benefits from any war, from any revolution, from any earthquake, as well as from turning people into “human capital”, gradually depriving them of their private property and making everyone “equal.”

We also went through this. The surrender of private property can be voluntary or it can be violent. It sounds tempting. Freedom equality Brotherhood. Have we forgotten these words? But there is no equality. There can be no equality. There must be equality.

– recalls Nikita Mikhalkov. But few people think about what actually lies behind all this, as well as behind the general robotization, behind the digitalization of everything and everyone. Of course, today it is no longer possible to live without digital technologies, they have penetrated into all spheres of life. But the meaning is not actually in the number itself. If digital technology helps life, that’s one thing. Who depends on whom? The person depends on the number or the number depends on the person, the director believes.

But the ideas promoted by Schwab and his associates are in fact a real redivision of the world, in which everything passes into the hands of monopolies. It is the elimination of the middle class and the polarization of society. There will be only the poor, equality and brotherhood and 1% of the ruling oligarchy.

In the videos that the WEF publishes, talking about the future, all people are wearing masks. That is, it is not planned to cancel them. Humanity must get used to the fact that a pandemic can last for years. Moreover, there are no eyes. Why? There is nothing there that can express a human feeling: satisfaction, resentment, anger, joy, and so on. Everything is depersonalized. And this conversation is about humanity in general. What nationality is this man, in a mask and without eyes? Never mind. Because he is not individual. He is part of the cattle. This is cattle. Who goes where they lead him.

Human – digit expansion

The same video shows people with bodies that become a “continuation” of technologies, that is, this is such a technological “extension” of a person.

And here we already see that there is no place for God, in general. Because if you believe that man is a creation of God, then how can artificial intelligence, technocracy, govern this Divine creation? People will be divided into “genetically rich” and “genetically weak”. And the former will have more opportunities, while the latter will become outcasts.

How can we achieve this? For example, through compulsory vaccination (in Russia and the authorities oppose this measure, but not in the world. – Ed.) For those who took this vaccine, life continues along one path, and those who did not take it along another. I’m not saying that you don’t need to be vaccinated, you don’t need to misunderstand me. But I’m sure that forced vaccination should be scary. Well, okay, okay, we live here, we can trust our doctors. And I hope that what is injected into our shoulder is done so that we do not get sick or that we get well,

– says Nikita Mikhalkov. But what is happening in France, for example?

There, at the end of December, a mass vaccination campaign began, which immediately began to fail miserably. According to opinion polls conducted by the National Health Agency, the number of French people who refuse vaccinations is growing every day. The “healthy doubts” of the French were reinforced by the scandal with Pfizer President Albert Burla – one of the main suppliers of vaccines to the world market, which refused to vaccinate himself. Meanwhile, Alexander Ginzburg, one of the authors and manufacturers of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, was vaccinated in the very first days, checking the safety of the drug.

Globalists and the media will not be ignored – they will be digitized en masse, which will result in global censorship. And you don’t have to go far for examples: US President Donald Trump is forever blocked on Twitter because he is not saying what the globalists want.

Can we even imagine what this scale is? What is this scale of lies when people rushing to this window, to this window of last opportunities, go to absolutely everything! And this is not done by the state. This is done by the owners of huge media corporations. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. Well, how does he differ from Goebbels, if he has already said the phrase: “Democracy is discipline and responsibility.”

And here it is really just right to remember the slogan Jedem das Seine – “To each his own”, which hung on the gates of Buchenwald, the terrible death camp. Doesn’t such a comparison suggest itself when it turns out that democracy in a democratic country itself is discipline and responsibility. That is, it is a responsibility to those who force you to be disciplined. Your tasks, your orders and your will.

– emphasizes the director. And the main question arises: what should we do? Accept or resist? Will we be able to close that “window of narrow opportunities” into which the globalists are proposing to us to dive? Will we be able to remain true to our historical, moral laws, our culture, our history?

Nikita Mikhalkov concluded this disturbing issue of Besogon with the following words:

Well, that’s all I wanted to tell you today. Perhaps this is confusing, perhaps not so simple. But I, in fact, do not expect the satisfaction of being considered right. Not. This worries me. These questions worry me. I don’t want to teach anyone. But it seems to me that the right question is sometimes even more important than the answer.

Alya Samitova

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