Aug 30, 2021
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"Abuser" Solovyov diagnosed Buzova "Utkin’s disease"

Buzova called Solovyov an “abuser” and refused to participate in his show. The TV presenter replied that the singer and actress “suffers from Utkin’s disease.”

Singer and actress Olga Buzova unexpectedly criticized TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov and called him an “abuser”. In response, Solovyov diagnosed Buzova with “Utkin’s disease.”

The actress recorded a video in which she accused the TV presenter of insulting women on the air of his television programs. In this regard, Buzova promised never to attend Solovyov’s show.

In response to this, the TV presenter said that the actress clearly needed the help of a psychiatrist. And about the “abuser” Solovyov noted that Buzova clearly suffers from Utkin’s disease. That is, she utters words, the meaning of which she does not understand.

They say that Buzova studied well at school, but the universities at Dom-2 lead to complete degradation!

– said the TV presenter.

In this regard, Solovyov added that Buzova would benefit from lessons from a specialist in singing and acting.

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