Jan 7, 2022
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Abraham Russo wants a mortal wife


Singer Abraham Russo told what marriage means to him.

The artist came as a star matchmaker to the Let’s Get Married! Channel One. The artist helped one of the brides of the hero of the TV show and gave him valuable advice.

The singer encouraged Maya in every possible way, who wanted to win the heart of the groom named Ilker. He promised that the man would only choose her: “Rip off the last shirt, I’ll go to the end!

When 52-year-old Abraham saw the woman’s rivals, he assured that the victory was definitely for Maya, because he considered one of them rather arrogant.

Abraham Russo
Abraham Russo

Russo stressed: “Men don’t like the arrogant. When I go home, I want to see the humble wife before my eyes. Make your husband feel worthy! “

Also a participant of the Superstar! Return “added that he makes no less stringent requirements for himself:”For me, marriage is a one-time event. I don’t change women like I change my shirt“.

By the way, a few years ago the whole country discussed the details of Russo’s personal life. The man stated that he was ready to divorce his wife Morela, with whom they are raising two daughters. Then they managed to keep the relationship and now Abraham is sure: “We must take care of marriage forever and ever. No matter what happens, everyone has difficulties. If I marry, I must be faithful, otherwise it is a sin. “

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