Jan 7, 2022
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Abraham Russo survived a serious operation


Singer Avraam Russo underwent a long-awaited operation.

The artist was born in Syria, and when his father died, he moved to Paris. Already at a young age, Abraham wanted to sing and eventually fulfilled his dream. And when he was invited to perform in Russia, he met Joseph Prigozhin.

The artist is a participant of the “Song of the Year” festival and a winner of awards. Recently, however, his health has deteriorated. He came to the United States, where he underwent surgery in one of the clinics.

After the assassination attempt, which took place in the mid-2000s, the singer developed serious health problems. and this time Russo decided it was time to confide in the doctors. The 52-year-old artist survived surgery.

Abraham Russo
Abraham Russo

Finally, after 15 long years, I underwent the long-awaited elective leg surgery. Yes, this procedure was not easy and took over two hours.

By the way, it was bilateral – both through the leg and through the neck, an expanding solution and a special ball, the so-called balloon, were injected into my vein, which was inflated inside to expand the vein.

I was lucky with the doctors, everything went quickly and easily. I am sure that soon I will be discharged from the hospital“, – shared Abraham.

It is noteworthy that he is already waiting for his return to Russia, as he has concerts and performances scheduled. The artist is eager to return to the stage. The representative of the star Anna Lieberman is glad that everything went well. She admitted that her family was very worried about Russo. According to her, the singer was in good hands, StarHit writes about this.

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