Jan 6, 2022
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Abraham Russo made a gift to Larisa Guzeeva worth more than a million


Singer Abraham Russo was generous with gifts for the presenter.

The singer presented a generous gift on the set of the Let’s Get Married program on Channel One. With his gesture, he greatly surprised the host of the TV show.

During the program, 52-year-old Russo asked for a minute of attention to say warm words to Larisa Guzeeva. “I have been watching your program for a very long time. You have done so much good in this country, you have united a lot of two hearts!“- he confessed.

And with the words: “You are a worthy woman, and the gift should be worthy of you.“, – the singer handed her a brand new watch, worth a decent amount – 25 thousand dollars (almost two million rubles).

Abraham Russo made an expensive gift
Abraham Russo made an expensive gift

Abraham shared that the fashion accessory is from the firm of his close friend. 62-year-old Guzeeva thought that now she owes a gorgeous gift from a singer friend. “God, what a beauty! Should I not marry this friend of yours?! ” She asked.

Then her partner in the program, Rosa Syabitova, picked her up and assured that she herself was ready to become the wife of a rich friend of the singer: “I’ll marry him!

It turned out that this watch has a funny function – its owner can change his mood and without words show, for example, that at a certain moment he is not ready to communicate. Syabitova liked this very much and she asked Guzeev: “Larissa, please take it to the program, okay? I will catch this story“.

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