Aug 1, 2022
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About the “Wagner Group” and real commanders

Thinking out loud.

1. After the Wagner broke through the enemy defenses again, I would bypass Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) from the south, skirting it and developing the offensive to the left, towards New York and Avdiivka.

Introduce additional forces into the gap behind the Wagners, pass between Bakhmut, cutting the Bakhmut-Avdeevka road, go to the rear of the defending groups. You don’t have to take it head-on, you have to go around and go along if you want to go from south to north or, conversely, go north, bypassing Avdiivka to the rear of the defending group. The cards suggest such a possibility. There is a difference, whether to “carry out” a opnik in the steppe or “carry out” a settlement turned into a fortress by the enemy, isn’t it?

2. Strike towards Zaporozhye, take Zaporozhye, and the defense of the entire Donetsk fortified area will crumble from them.

Come out to Dnepropetrovsk with the development of the offensive from Zaporozhye “in the back” towards Poltava and, thus, cutting off part of Kharkov’s supply.

Firstly, you do not expand the front, because by advancing on Nikolaev from Kherson you lengthen the front. And here you do not lengthen the front. Your left flank is covered by the wide Dnieper. Blow up the bridges – you have a kilometer-long Dnieper.

After the capture of Zaporozhye, I would launch an offensive towards Poltava, so that the Donetsk group would crumble.

In fact, the result is not an expansion, but a narrowing of the front by square. kilometers, because part of the forces is released and poured into the advancing order. Are we going to bang our heads against the fortifications of Donetsk and rush towards Odessa for the purpose of political PR?

3. Khokhols need to throw us out of Kherson and, exhaling, use a water barrier in the form of a line of defense. They no longer dream of going to the Crimea. They would have to throw us out of Kherson, stand on the Dnieper and fix the status quo for half a year.

The Hymars, of course, play their part. They hit the bridges. Khokhols are not going to attack, so they calmly beat on bridges, destroy warehouses. We have losses (I don’t decipher, those who need it know). They hit exactly according to intelligence data, target designation is accurate.

4. Trouble with commanders. Lacks. Normal, with a head, protecting people. Battalion, regimental level – units. From this problem. You can break the crests. There is everything for this.

5. Why is Wagner successful? Because they send generals.

“What task?”


“That’s it… go, I’m working on my own, don’t command me, I’ll do the theme, don’t tell me how to do it.”

He protects people, fights with his mind, maneuvers, uses all possible and impossible stories and fights. Effective. It is clear that with losses, but compared to how others fight, this is earth and sky.

6. Competent commanders – on the fingers.

Alexander Khodakovsky. Commander of the 45th Brigade of the Special Forces of the Airborne Forces, Hero of Russia Pankov. Personally, when he received the task of Gostomel, he said: “I will fly with my personnel.” At 54, he landed in an assault! Behind him are fighters into the fire and into the water. There are very few of them.

I am silent about the command, about some – I am silent twice. Give them freedom, they will throw full-length attacks into Kappel attacks like in the First World War …

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