Sep 4, 2022
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About the types of trash cans

About the types of trash canstrash can

Litter bins are special containers for collecting street garbage. The task of the products is to maintain cleanliness in the city. Manufacturers produce this product in various modifications. You can study popular models in detail here

Litter boxes are designed for the convenience of citizens. The design is designed in such a way that small rodents cannot get inside. Types are classified according to different parameters: material, stylistic design, purpose, volume. Designs are made only from durable materials. Products must be user-friendly.

Buy street trash cans in Nizhny Novgorod

Before buying containers, you should study the main models. Depending on the material from which the body is made, street garbage containers are:

  • metal. The most popular models are made of durable metal. They are most often found in cities. For the production of these products, manufacturers use cast iron, aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel.
  • Concrete. Models are absolutely safe for people and the environment. Such containers for waste are considered one of the cheapest. However, it is not without a drawback – a short service life.
  • Wooden. Equipped with an iron frame, on which wooden inserts are installed on top. Modifications of this type are mobile, they can be rearranged from one place to another.
  • Cast iron. These containers can be creatively designed. More often products are found in squares and parks. Cast iron urns are created by artistic casting and forging. From above, the products are coated with powdered paint based on polymers.
  • Stone. Very heavy, but durable products with a high cost. Stone modifications effectively decorate the landscape design of parks. Used in large areas.
  • Granite. The base is made of steel, a granite structure is fixed to it. In terms of durability and weight, granite modifications are close to stone ones.
  • fiberglass. Cheap containers for collecting garbage are characterized by good mobility. The material is explosion-proof. Often such models are installed at railway stations and airports. They can be seen in shopping malls and other crowded places.

Metal waste bin in Nizhny Novgorod is the most popular product. Metal models are durable and reliable. Products from stainless steel perfectly transfer influence of rainfall and can serve for years.

Before buying, you should consider which stylistic solution is more suitable. Manufacturers produce open or closed models, tiltable, stationary or mobile.

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