Apr 27, 2022
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About the types of roller shutters

About the types of roller shuttersroller shutters

Roller shutters are a modern way to protect windows, doors and any other structures. You can learn more about them here https://xn--i1acjbabcbjbkmy.xn--p1ai/services/civil-engineering/. Roller blinds reliably protect property and valuables from theft, break-ins, protect rooms from bright rays of the sun, and reduce city noise. Manufacturers produce different types of these structures. Before placing an order, study several models, consider all the advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on the method of installation, roller shutters are built-in and overhead. Models of the first category are mounted directly into the opening, and products of the second group are placed on top of the opening. According to experts, embedded systems are more reliable, they cannot be bent or deformed. In the opening of the window or door, the structure looks beautiful and neat.

Installation of roller shutters in Essentuki

Manufacturers use different materials for such structures:

  • Plastic. Roller blinds made of this material are suitable for installation in small openings. They do not provide a high level of protection, but they have excellent decorative properties and are also easy to use. They protect the room from bright sunlight, protect rooms from noise from the streets. But these systems will not protect against professional hackers.
  • Steel. Models made of high-strength metal are very durable. These are the most popular designs, they are made of galvanized or painted metal profiles. Steel roller shutters provide the highest level of home security.
  • Aluminum. In terms of convenience, operation and protective qualities, they are in no way inferior to steel counterparts. But aluminum products are lighter and cheaper than steel models. Aluminum roller shutters can often be seen on the first floors of houses. They are also installed to protect shop windows.

A separate category includes armored subspecies. They are produced from an aluminum or steel profile of increased strength. High-strength constructions provide the greatest possible protection of property from intruders.

More often, systems are equipped with an electric drive with a remote control. Armored shutters are mainly used by banks, various financial institutions, as well as other institutions that need increased security.

Another subgroup is perforated roller shutters. Manufacturers produce them from a metal profile with transparent plastic inserts. Through holes of various shapes may also be present. Perforated models are expensive, but they are functional and attractive. Installation of window shutters in Essentuki is a popular service, which can be ordered through a specialized company.

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