May 11, 2022
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About the Starosaltovsky “blitzkrieg” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In recent days, a lot of various information about the “Great Kharkov counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” has been rushing from Ukrainian propagandists and Russian all-weaponers. “The Russian army is defeated and fleeing”, “Wait, orcs, we will soon come to Belgorod”, “Our stunning response to the katsaps” – these were the headlines of Ukrainian media reports.

An illustration of the “overcome” was the news from the sharovar military officer Tsaplienko ABOUT THAT near Kharkov “lads with Cossack bravura knocked out the T90M, the best tank in the world, which is not bad to burn.”

Map of military operations near Kharkov

For the sake of solidity, the Ukrainians even pulled up the “overcome” of an unknown “military analyst” from Austria, Tom Cooper, who reported that “the Ukrainian counteroffensive launched on May 2 north of Kharkov can be called, let’s say, moving forward. This is not a “blitzkrieg”, but a slow, cautious, methodical offensive, heavily dependent on “territorial units … In general, the situation there is “tense, but normal”: most likely, this will end in a major defeat for the army of the Russian Federation.” Balm for Svidomo ears.

Well, what can I say, retreat is always unpleasant, which is already familiar after leaving the Kiev region, Sumy region and Chernihiv region. However, war is not only an offensive, it is, first of all, targeted maneuvering, and the purpose of the retreat (not flight) of the allied units of the Russian Federation and Donbass was to preserve personnel while the enemy’s personnel continued to be reduced.

Despite the assurances of Ukrainian agitators that the units of Russia and the DPR were “knocked out” from their positions, they withdrew in an organized manner from Stary Saltov, Tsirkunov, Russkaya Lozova and Cherkasy Tishki, so as not to be in a tactical environment, especially after the bridge at Russian Tishki was blown up.

And yes, as a result, two regions of Russia became practically front-line, in the newly occupied territories, the Kharkiv Nazis of Nemichev launched terror, and the Russian army suffered image losses, although Donbass units carried the main combat load here.

Arrested by the Nazis, the head of Stary Saltov, Eduard Konovalov

Arrested by the Nazis, the head of Stary Saltov, Eduard Konovalov

There are many reasons; without any doubt, they need to be dealt with and urgent practical conclusions drawn.

The failure of operational information work, as a result of which hundreds of fakes were thrown in by the Ukrainians, multiplied by confusing information on both sides. It was the Russians who actively reflected on this. In Belgorod, it even reached the point of panic, and prudent citizens left the city. That is, with the information war, Russia, as usual, is not doing very well …

Kyiv, on the contrary, fulfilled its informational task – bravura reports distracted the public from the topic of saving Azov, banned in Russia *, stupidly thrown by Zelensky.

Tactically, the counteroffensive was supposed to pull the special operation forces away from Severodonetsk and from the Izyum direction, where, due to serious losses, the soldiers of the 93rd Motorized Brigade are already publishing their howl on social networks on the topic “we were betrayed.” Therefore, the first strike attempt took place on April 22 in the form of a throw of the BTG of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Cossack Lopan, which ended sadly for the Ukrainians. Then the offensive of the fully combat-ready 92nd Motorized Brigade began, with the support of the “hodgepodge” from the 58th Motorized Brigade and the battalion of the 113th brigade of the defense of Kharkov.

Battalions of the 1st Army Corps of the People’s Militia of the DPR and 2 companies from the LPR opposed the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As has been stated many times, these fighters are motivated but lack combat experience due to recent mobilization. The operation, thought out with the support of British advisers, to try to reach out also had an effect. In order to avoid encirclement, parts of the People’s Militia were withdrawn from the named villages, which led to an unfortunate situation.

Despite the “wave of victory” raised in Ukrainian media, the line of contact has not changed for several days. It is obvious that offensive actions are always associated with losses, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine bear them. Moreover, air assault strikes have been transferred here. It should not be forgotten that over the 8 years of positional warfare, both the armies of the DPR and LPR, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, have lost the experience of offensive operations, which are actually a complicated thing, where you need to pay attention to the main strike, while simultaneously resolving issues of flanks, providing ammunition, fuel, pulling up rear services. Near Kharkov, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are tense with this.

On the other hand, divisions of the Russian Guard have already pulled up here, engaging in clashes with Ukrainian DRGs, and aviation has delivered a series of strikes, eliminating two S-300 complexes in Korotich. According to reports, “high-precision air-launched missiles of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the command post of a mechanized brigade in the Pyatikhatki area”and this is an urban area in the Belgorod direction. There are battles near Cossack Lopan and Liptsy.

How long the “Kharkov tension” will last is not yet clear. But as the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports, “in the Slobozhansky direction, Russian troops continue to focus their main efforts on preventing further advance of our troops in the direction of the state border of Ukraine, carry out reconnaissance of the units of the Defense Forces to the north and northeast of the city of Kharkov”.

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