Apr 29, 2021
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About the film “Land of nomads”

I watched another Oscar winner – this time a little-known film in Russia “The Land of the Nomads”. I perfectly understand that Oscar is an ideological instrument and with the help of it they encourage creators and works who work for the purposes of the owners of this instrument. Therefore, I watched the film not in order to get some kind of pleasure from the process, but to understand what ideas and meanings are stimulated today from the level of the main film award in the world.

The English title of the film “Nomadland” refers to the concept of the so-called “nomads”, which has recently received a new development, since some of the elites believe (or rather work hard to implement this scenario) that huge crowds of people in the future will constantly wander from place to place in search of work and better living conditions, and will in fact be an easily manageable consumable working biomass. Actually, the film is just about that.

The main character is a manish in appearance and style of behavior, an elderly woman aged 60-65 years. Her name is Fern. Since the city-forming enterprise, where she and her husband worked all their lives, was closed and the city was empty, she was forced to leave home (Fern’s husband had already died, they had no children). However, Fern does not want to settle in some new place, but deliberately chooses life in a van. Throughout the film, she constantly travels from one place to another, takes a variety of low-paid and often physically difficult jobs in order to earn money and is nostalgic for her past.

The authors obsessively immerse the viewer in all sorts of minor everyday issues. Many scenes are devoted to the toilet topic (how to relieve yourself in a van or on the road), food (fast food), issues of arranging lockers, shelves and other little things in your mobile home. It all looks extremely unpleasant and repulsive, long and tedious observation of such a life of the protagonist catches up with frank melancholy.

However, Fern herself, apparently, is quite happy with her new way of life, since she rejects all the opportunities that fall to her to return to her usual way. At the same time, Fern’s philosophy and choice are poorly revealed – the viewer is agitated mostly on an emotional level, showing beautiful views of nature, how Fern meets the sunset in her van, how she communicates with other residents of the same kind on wheels.

The general picture is complemented by a certain community of similar people who have their own “guru” who says that such a nomadic way of behavior is quite normal and natural for the modern world:

“We do not just accept the tyranny of the dollar, the tyranny of the market, but we accept it with joy. An analogy with a workhorse comes to mind – she agrees to work every day until she is sent to the pasture. And this is the case with many of us. But when society gets rid of such workhorses and sends them to the pasture, then we must stick together and take care of each other. That’s why I founded this camp. For me, the Titanic is already sinking, the economy is changing, and my task is to provide you with lifeboats and take on them as many people as possible, ”says the ideologue of the nomads of the 21st century, who, by the way, is shown as a quite sweet and sincere grandfather, and not some a sectarian.

Considering that the film describes the events in the United States, the phrase about “Titanic is sinking” is very indicative. Previously, American films painted a completely different image of their power, but now the audience is presented with a fading country, in whose inhabitants there is absolutely no energy and craving for life. Hollywood, in fact, through such films spread rot on the land on which he himself grew up. This may seem strange to some, but in reality everything is natural. The creative crowd of movie stars and eminent directors, if necessary, will easily move to a new place, and nothing connects it with ordinary Americans. There is a gap between them – both in terms of the level of earnings and the conditions of life in which the former and the latter live.

By the way, this is a lesson for Russia as well. If we don’t master it and build a different system, the local “creators” will do the same over time.

In the course of the film, Fern gradually adopts the philosophy voiced by the nomadic guru and learns to live completely alone, to do any dirty work and at the same time enjoy the little things: for example, during the garbage collection, you can play with your friend someone’s dirty panties – it’s so much fun! Somewhere in the background, corporations like Amazon, in which people work like soulless cogs, flicker. But no one grumbles, because everything seems to be voluntary – just a difficult economic situation. Why is she like that? Who is to blame for this? Who should be responsible for the troubles of ordinary hard workers? These questions do not exist in the universe of the film.

The message of the film to a mass audience (mostly Western, apparently, since our picture was practically not advertised) it turns out something like this: “Difficult times are coming when there will not be enough money and other benefits for everyone. Therefore, get used to living in poverty and be ready to huddle in small closets. At the same time, do not even think to grumble about how the world system works, because this is not your mind’s business – this is just an element to which you must adapt, becoming its cogs or garbage, wandering back and forth and washing toilets. But even as a waste, you should rejoice in what you have. “

As a small “pill” – alcohol, tobacco, tattoos, fast food and occasional entertainment with the same loners are offered. Some voluntary withdrawal methods and an entire book on the topic of suicide options are also advertised.

In general, the picture is extremely depressing and it smells of decay, hopelessness and aimlessness of being. In a normal world, where art would be judged for its usefulness to society and people, such a film would not even be admitted to the first round, but here it was called the best in the world. And the Russian liberal press is now singing praises to him. Because art today is an instrument of ideology, which is focused on degradation, not the development of people.

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