Jun 16, 2022
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About the dangers of smoking for a woman’s body

About the dangers of smoking for a woman's body

Have you ever noticed why women smokers can almost always be seen on the streets these days? But not very long ago, this was an extreme exception and took on the condemnation of society. A woman dreams of independence. She is trying in this way to make herself noticed, she needs some kind of occupation away from all kinds of reflections, but this cannot be an explanation?

You can forget about this, any weakness, but not an indifferent attitude to the health of yourself and your children. It has never happened before that a woman who gives life on Earth is characterized by self-destruction. After all, there is simply no other name for smoking. I do not want to scare all women by naming the diseases that they can develop due to a cigarette, and also that diseases of the lungs and bronchi in women are incurable, the elastic vessels of the bronchi tolerate higher pressure than other organs, and the heart – vascular diseases are intractable.

I will not talk about the fact that a female smoker has a huge chance of becoming infertile, but if such women have children, then they have weak immunity and reduced weight. Do you need your child to be addicted to tobacco smoke in advance? And yet it is so! Why do children born to mothers who smoke so much more roar in maternity hospitals than children born to non-smokers?

This is because during fetal development, they received a daily dose of nicotine and they were already born with this addiction. And here they begin to demand their dose, always roaring and calling their mother. But the saddest thing is that their roar stops not when they are given food, but when they are in a smoky room. Is this normal, dear mothers?

Guessing that you can quickly quit smoking at any time is also wrong. It is necessary not to guess and explain to yourself, but only to want and quit smoking, without unnecessary oaths and promises. You are human! And this creature is smart and hardy. Is a cigarette more enduring than you?

Dear ladies and women! Tobacco smoking has not been a good habit for a long time, and a woman who sits at a cafe table and smokes, even though a good cigarette, will no longer arouse sympathy and respect among men. Currently, women are in fashion, who are fragrant with the aroma of freshness, and not with cigarette smoke. Hurry up to get into these lists!

Our goal is not to scare you, and we do not want to impose on you the correct rhythm of life, but only to truthfully explain to you about the hidden killer, which is called nicotine. And what conclusions you draw is up to you! We believe that you will make only a positive conclusion!

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