Jul 31, 2022
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About Sergey Lavrov’s trip to the African continent

A new concept of Russia’s foreign policy is being prepared

The just-completed trip of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Africa aroused particular interest. S. Lavrov visited four countries: Egypt, Uganda, Congo and Ethiopia. The choice is not accidental. First, Egypt and Ethiopia are the largest countries on the continent, our long-standing and reliable partners. Contacts at a high and highest level are important in themselves here. However, these are also states in which the headquarters of the two largest regional organizations are located: in Cairo – the League of Arab States (LAS), and in Addis Ababa – the African Union (AU). The Russian minister held meetings in both organizations.

Lavrov himself spoke about the pressure that the Arab League member states had to endure in connection with the forthcoming visit of the Russian minister: “They showed me the protocol, which was distributed among the diplomatic corps by the secretariat of the Arab League. The document reported on the demarche made before the Arab League by a group of Western ambassadors: the United States, France, Germany, Great Britain, as well as representative of the European Union, with demands on our Arab friends, firstly, to condemn, and, secondly, to declare their rejection of the actions that Russia is committing. It was especially emphasized that you can not sign any documents with us and take pictures“. Well, the more valuable is the determination of the Arab world to cooperate with Russia.

In all countries, S. Lavrov held talks not only with foreign ministers, but also with presidents. In Uganda, there was also a joint press conference with the head of state Y. Museveni. In diplomacy, protocol issues are of particular importance, and such a “status-unbalanced” press conference is an unprecedented case. The President of Uganda thereby expressed his position towards Russia as a whole. On Twitter, Y. Museveni wrote: “We want to trade with Russia. We want to trade with all countries of the world. We don’t share the idea of ​​someone’s enemies being our enemies. Not! We want to have our own enemies, not to fight other people’s enemies.“.

At this press conference with the President of Uganda, S. Lavrov announced important news. A new The concept of Russian foreign policy, where the role of Africa will be significantly revised. At present, Africa is simply mentioned in the Russian concept of foreign policy; in fact, there was no concept of relations with the Black Continent. Relations with Africa were built on a “one-off” basis, “on a case-by-case basis.” It must be assumed that the new Concept will be different.

S. Lavrov noted that a new place for Africa in the Russian concept of foreign policy would manifest itself “regardless of what is happening in the western direction”. He said that “due to our fundamental, long-term and opportunistic interests, the importance of Africa will increase due to what the West is doing in relation to Russia”this is “will objectively increase the share of the African direction in our work”. However, there is no doubt that “occurring in the western direction” was the catalyst for such change. By the way, a significant part of our trade with the West is precisely African goods. It turned out that we bought much more expensive those same African goods that we could directly purchase from the manufacturer.

During S. Lavrov’s trip, economics, politics, culture and education were discussed. In Egypt and Ethiopia – Russian nuclear projects, in Uganda – nuclear medicine and the launch of a Ugandan satellite … One of the most important issues was the food problem. It has two sides. Firstlycrisis phenomena in the world food market began to emerge long before the beginning of the Russian NWO. Reports from specialized UN bodies (such as the World Food Program) state that $8 trillion in arbitrary emissions from the EU, Japan and the US were used to buy food in bulk in case of prolonged border closures. The same applies to the sharp increase in prices for fertilizers, which occurred a few years ago. The reason is the destructive “green” policy of the West. Secondly, the cause of the crisis is Western sanctions, which have affected the entire global supply chain.

The same applies to the increase in gas prices. Answering a question from an Algerian journalist, S. Lavrov said: “For almost ten years, Europe has been systematically creating barriers to the supply of cheap and affordable Russian gas to European countries… Europeans are now thinking about alternative sources of supplies. With their own hands, they “strangled” the pipeline routes from Russia. Now looking for other options. I know that the Mediterranean countries, including Algeria, are one of the suitable options. Europeans will turn to you for help. Decide For your companies and government“.

S. Lavrov’s trip took place simultaneously with a number of African tours of visitors from the USA and Europe. Simultaneously with the Russian minister, Hammer, the special envoy of the US President, visited Africa. In early August, US Secretary of State Blinken travels to Africa.

Immediately after S. Lavrov, French President E. Macron arrived in Africa. He visited Benin, Cameroon and Guinea-Bissau. It is noteworthy that in addition to the former French colonies (Cameroon and Benin), Macron also came to the former Portuguese colony (Guinea-Bissau). This is not surprising: “Francafrica” ​​(FrancAfrica) is rapidly shrinking: the Central African Republic no longer relies on French “help”, Mali generally expelled the French ambassador from the country … By the way, instead of France, these countries preferred cooperation with Russia.

S. Lavrov’s trip caused a sharp reaction in the West, especially in the USA. On the eve of Lavrov’s visit, negative statements were made by several US senators, as well as a candidate for the post of commander of US forces in Africa. Answering a question about the reasons for such a reaction, Lavrov noted that it is “undignified” to engage in such things for any country, especially the United States, which “pictures” itself as the leader of the whole world.

Commenting on the situation, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said:American diplomats working in Africa do not hesitate to engage in direct blackmail in contacts with the leadership of African countries, demanding in an ultimatum form to refuse cooperation with Russia … The annoying attempts of the Americans to hinder the development of Russian-African relations meet with less and less understanding and support from Africans“.

However, the difference between the West and Russia in Africa is understood. They understand by the example of their existence in the world economy. If the West impedes the development of the continent by all means, Russia offers mutually beneficial cooperation in the development of these countries, and not enslaving “aid”, which was the undermining of agreements between Russia and South Africa on the construction of nuclear power plants, and then imposing a giant loan on “green” energy, that is actually de-industrialization.

Top photo: Coffee ceremony in Ethiopia. Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Ethiopia

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